The Doctrine of One…



“I” AM the World “I” live in.


There is but “ONE” creation and “Self”.


All “things” appear in “me” and yet, “I” AM beyond all things.


All existence is “my” existence.

All happiness is “my” happiness.

All suffering is “my” suffering.


“I” will relinquish “my” obsession with the past while waiving speculation of an imagined future.


“I” will be present with what is.


With concern and attention focused on the present, “I” will find response to every situation as it occurs.


The greatest gift “I” have is Self and life.


The perfect moment is now.


Now is a good time for joy.

Now is a good time for purpose, meaning and quiet attention.

Now is a moment of opportunity to be.

Now is the time to:


rediscover “my” innocence,

express “my” excellence,

to serve humanity.



Now “I” become a knower of reality.



“I” set right all ideas of the “ONE” Self.


“I” realize the ONE-ness, timeless, dimensionless perfection of “my” own inner Being where nothing can be gained and nothing can be lost.




Living The Doctrine of ONE, “I” will be attentive to the present moment now:




* The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness on all levels.


The wisdom of happiness while subjective can be enhanced.  Harmony occurs when “my” happiness and the happiness of “another” meet.  The essence of all happiness can never found in things; things that are grasped or feared, things that the “I” can identify with. 


Genuine happiness can be realized by abandoning who we imagined ourselves to be, creating the space for finding out Who We Are.



* We can find out Who We Are through investigation, enquiry and detachment; by stepping onto the path of unlearning; by cultivating a quiet, attentive mind.


In awareness we can find freedom from the known.

By stepping out of the known, we lose ourselves to the potential of Who We Are:

a field of infinite possibilities, unbounded by space and time.




* Finding out Who We Are is not about having more, doing more, or being more. 


It’s not finding our success or preventing failure.

It’s not about fixing, changing, transforming, getting or losing.

It’s not about being saved, saving “others” or purifying the ONE self.

It has nothing to do with what you eat, what you wear, or what you believe.

It depends not on whether you are man or woman, black or white, gay or straight or whether see and think of yourself as a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim or Jew.


Finding out Who You Are has nothing to do with what you know or don’t know. 

It’s not about discovering past lives, the burning of the seeds of Karma or the gaming of reincarnation.


Finding out Who You Are has nothing to do with priests or profits, the gurus or God(s).  It has nothing to do with dogma or tradition.


It’s not about mastering a particular asana or the use of a specific mudra.


It matters not whether you have meditated for one year or twenty.



*  First,

you imagined this:




“I” am separate, “I” am a sinner, “I” am a Saint.  “I” am blocked; “I” am gay or straight.  “I” am black or white; “I” am a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu or Jew.  Once imagined; you gathered and you filled, you took yourself to be the mind with its self engendered thoughts and beliefs.


You identified with all that you imagined the self to be. 


As you endorsed the illusion of an imaginary self, you temporarily distracted yourself from Who You Are.  You created a story and then you lost yourself in the nonsense of that story. 


You imagined a loss of freedom and lost touch with the connection you always have to your ONE true Self. 


First you imagined a story; then, lost in your story, you posited a path.  You created a path and you created a process that you called my path.  You created a story and strategy of how you would return some day to some Garden of Eden; a garden of perfection that was in fact, never lost.




* To find out Who You Are you need not go somewhere or do anything; just be.


In the doctrine of ONE you become aware of the fact you are aware; you become aware that you are. 


You become watchful, quiet and attentive.


To know the Self, you need just be the Self.


You cannot become what you already are.




* There is no other:


You are not a person. 


Reality is impersonal.


You are reality. 


You are a timeless, dimensionless Being.  You are a centre of perception that momentarily gets caught up in imagining you are a person, a thing, a body, an emotion, a thought, a memory, an association, a perception, a feared future, or a perturbed past. 


You cannot move away from perfection, since you are perfection.  The real you is perfect, whole and complete now. 


You are Universal now.


There is no “up”, there is no “down”; there is no “in” or “out”.  There is no “here” there is no “there”; there is no “above” or “below”.  There is no “high” or” low”, there is no “other”. 


There is no “self” or “not self”.




* There is no path:


No doctrine, no dogma or law, however holy or sacred; however ancient or wise, can ever describe in words the truth of Who “You” Are, who “you” were and who “you” will always be…



“I” am not here to live an ordinary life.


“I” am here to discover the “ONE” Self;

to realize the “ONE” Spirit that dwells within “me”.


Then “I” will live an extraordinary life.


“I” am here to realize the “ONE” spirit of human solidarity and interdependence; to cultivate “ONE” kinship with all life.


What “I’ve” read is not as important as what “I’ve” done.


What “I’ve” done is not as important as who “I’ve” been.


The “ONE” seed of divinity that lies within “me” contains the whole truth.


Am “I” ready to remember?


Am “I” willing to allow?


Am “I” willing to unlearn?


Am “I” willing to be?



For a sneak peak or to order this book…


(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide. 

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