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Suffering will be experienced according to the degree and allegiance you have to your lies.

As you learn to look at, acknowledge and dismantle the lies you’ve told yourself you’ll experience greater levels of subjective freedom.

Extended commentary:

We tell ourselves many lies in life.  There are the lies we tell our self and there are the lies that we tell others; there are also the lies others tell us.  When you sit with this; when you become aware enough to realize the degree to which we exchange lies in life, with self and others, it is beyond disturbing. 

I’m not talking about lies in any conventional sense of the word: lies of manipulation, deceit or ignorance.  I’m talking about lies that take the form of ideas we have about ourselves, others and the world we live in, that we believe and hold to be true. 

Even though these lies might be just as manipulative and deceitful, even though they might generate the same kind of ignorance, they are a different kind of lie.  They are lies that bound the unbound.  They are lies that keep us small, isolated and disconnected. They are pretty little, wrapped up in ribbons that prevent us from seeing and experiencing the ever-present, perfection and wholeness that innately lies within.   

I’m talking about the lies of assumption that we make about who we are and what this world is. I’m talking about the lies we tell ourselves about who we imagine ourselves to be.  I’m talking about the lies of belief and understanding that are embedded in the stories we tell ourselves about the perceived world that we live in and how that world operates.

I’m talking about the lies which make up our conditioning; the self engendered thoughts, beliefs, notions, perceptions and associations we accumulate day by day, week by week and year by year. 

There are many lies, most of which go unnoticed and unquestioned; but of all the lies, the greatest is the lie of separation: the belief that we are separate, individual entities that exist in a separate world full of other separate, distinct entities.

The lie of separation seeds all other lies; it is built on the foundation of “other”, “us” and “them”.  It is the lie of “individual”, “personal” and “diversity” that creates confusion, misunderstanding, chaos and suffering.

It is the lie of separation that fuels the struggle and the strife that occupies, consumes, and fixates our attention.  It is the violence of “I” perception, and “I” understanding that eventually becomes the philosophies, the rules and the religions with which we live our life; the ones that are based on the dogma of “me”…   

What lies are you telling yourself?



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