After Thought #35



The upside of down…


Paradise does not lie in the content of our experience.  It lies in the background of our Being and our ability to stay or stand in THAT Being… 

The content of the foreground of life changes constantly. It’s always changing; all-ways.  As long as our attention is on the change; as long as we are seduced and hypnotized by its nature, we will be subject to its change.  It will move up, we will move up.  It will move down, we will move down. 

Most, want to live in an up experience, we don’t want the down and we will do anything to avoid it.  In our desire to escape the down, we cling to the up.  There is no allowing, just wanting, and depending on the degree of the down and that wanting, we will do anything to control the up.    

Look closely to your experience and you will see that every moment of every day there is only change.  The body changes, the emotions change, the mind changes.  We feel tired one minute and energized the next, we feel happy one second, and sad the next.  We love ourselves for a while and, just as equally, there comes a time where we also hate ourselves or another, just the same.

It’s all change; change – changes.

Change will happen; always.  But the [real you] is beyond change.  The [real you] the one that is reading these words, hearing thoughts, feeling emotions; it does not change; ever.  It’s the same [you] that was there yesterday, now, and it will be there when you wake up in the morning tomorrow. 

The real [you] is the only constant in life.  The experience changes, the experiencer remains the same.  It is silent.  It is present to all that changes.  The [real you], is the background upon which change occurs.

Is your attention on the temporary foreground of change or the background of a never changing, foundation of permanence?

The door to paradise can only be found in background of what’s happening; it is independent of what is good or bad; it’s independent of the content of your experience and the moment that any experience occurs in.  Paradise does not lie in content, because the content of our experience will always change.  Paradise, will soon become hell. 

While the content of our experience might be pleasurable, while it might provide great joy and meaning, it will eventually change.  It will eventually move to the downside of up and then back again. 

[Freedom] is an ability not to reconcile, explain or change the coexistence of all opposites that is life, but the ability to notice the unchanging factor that lies at the heart of all change, and all experience.  It’s the ability to notice that in the moment of all change, there is an unchanging space or gap.  In our ability to notice with attention the gap, the space and the silence that lies in that space or gap, we are able to bridge the moment of that experience, without becoming overwhelmed by that experience.

In the ability to allow, to say yes to what is, we create the space for movement.  It’s enough space for us not to become overshadowed by that change; that experience; that moment.  The moment is allowed to be as it is, without judgment, without evaluation, without significance, even when there appears to be no movement, no yes, no space.

Life happens, things happen, change happens, but who or what is the unchanging factor in the midst of all that change? 

What we so desperately seek from another, is what goes so unrecognized in Self.

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