After Thought #36


 The Darshan of Being…


There is a [Spiritual] revolution occurring; a radical spirituality that is expressing itself unconditionally, consciously, in uniquely ordinary ways.  The expression of this movement is not built on the principle of God or Goddess.  It’s not based on Mantra, Yantra or Tantra.  This practical spirituality is not based on the color of your skin, the direction in which you pray, or the cast into which you appeared to be born. It has nothing to do with the ideas you have about spirituality; in the absence of those ideas, something greater is seen.

This [Spirituality] is not based on what you ware, what you eat or what you may do or not do in life.  It has nothing to do with what you know or don’t know.  [Your] understanding has no bearing on [your] salvation; in this Darshan of Being, there is nothing to be saved and everything to be revealed.

[ Darśana (Darshan, Sanskrit: दर्शन) is a Sanskrit term meaning “sight” (in the sense of an instance of seeing or beholding; from a root dś “to see”), vision, apparition, or glimpse. It is most commonly used for “visions of the divine,” e.g., of a god or a very holy person or artifact. One could “receive darshana” of the deity in the temple, or from a great saintly person, such as a great guru.

In the sense “to see with reverence and devotion,” the term translates to hierophany, and could refer either to a vision of the divine or to being in the presence of a highly revered person. In this sense it may assume a meaning closer to audience. “By doing darshan properly a devotee develops affection for God, and God develops affection for that devotee.”[1]

Darshan is ultimately difficult to define since it is an event in consciousness—an interaction in presence between devotee and guru; or between devotee and image or sculpture, which focuses and calls out the consciousness of the devotee. In either event, a heightening of consciousness or spirituality is the intended effect…]

From Wikipedia

Radical Spirituality does not dwell on entertaining ideas of Chakras or pranayams.  There are no Gurus or teachers, texts or traditions; there are no philosophies or dogmas to get in the way of what is.  This movement is not about merit or anything that can be achieved or lost.

Radical Spirituality is not based on past or future lives.  Karma and credit are to be dismissed as tribal ideas based on ghetto thinking that can only come from a mind that see’s and perceives itself and the world as a separate thing.

What is sacred here; what is holy here is the now in which it all happens. 

Now is what is happening or not happening.  In this Darshan of Being, the dogma of thinking, being, having and doing are [transcended] by being present to what is.

The prophets and the priests have no authority here. 

In this holy, sacred, now, what is important and sacred is what is allowed.  What is allowed can be noticed, what is allowed can be seen.  What is allowed can be witnessed with total [innocence] and [freedom].  What is allowed can be seen for what it is; the unlearning begins. 

What was learned must be unlearned so that what is here or not here can be seen in complete acceptance or not.  What is unlearned is the stale, dogmatic, rhetoric of ideas and notions; thoughts and beliefs that must be discarded; ideas about something that had nothing to do with anything including [spirituality].

Radical Spirituality is not about healing, fixing or changing.  Nothing is transcended; nothing is gained; nothing is lost.  Nothing is for once allowed to be something, and in that something, nothing can be seen as everything and everything is seen as nothing.

Can you kneel by being present to your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences as equally as you would a great Sage or Saint? 

Can you hold the same reverence for [your] anger as you would joy, confusion as you would clarity?

In the Darshan of Being, something is not given importance or significance over nothing; something and nothing are equally valid, equally relevant, equally innocent and equally sacred.  In the ordinary nothing, lies an extraordinary something.  

Heaven and Earth are One.  

[Freedom] does not lie in Puja, practice or philosophy.  In the absence of ideas, lies in the presence of Who [you] truly were, are and will always be.  In the Darshan of Being, nothing appears to become something and THAT something will eventually appear to become nothing.

Conventional spirituality would have you believe that life is about being more, getting more, and having more.  It provides a seductive and addictive smorgasbord of existence and experience to entice an imagined seeker to seek: a method, a way, a return to an imagined something that was lost.

Radical Spirituality asks [you] to consider that nothing was ever lost; therefore nothing needed to be gained.  Radical Spirituality asks [you] to consider that in the Darshan of Being, there lies something extraordinary within the ordinary, that one can see or behold the bliss of the moment as it is.  Radical Spirituality suggests that with affectionate attention, what was once hidden can now be revealed, that everything can be seen as an interaction and dance of the divine…


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