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Truth can contain the lie of justification. 



When you take the time to examine truth closely, it can reveal negative assumptions, associations and beliefs about how you see your life and the world you live in.  When fact and fiction fuse, you limit your subjective experience of freedom.


Extended commentary:


I’ve always been wary about people who tell me something with a qualifying “it’s my truth…” statement.  It’s as if something they think, perceive, understand, know, believe or see is different from everyone else, and yet absolutely true at some “deep, spiritual, level. 

It implies that something is true for them regardless if it does not fit with any frame of reference, spiritual or otherwise.  You can make a claim that something might be truth, but that does not make it Truth.  Ultimately only an “I” would claim something to be true or not, only an “I” would look for something that is true or not true.  If there were such as thing as truth, “I” don’t think it would be personal. 


I think more often or not there is confusion of Truth over experience.  There are infinite numbers of experiences ~ all these experiences are subjective but not necessarily “the truth”.  Just because it’s your experience does not make it true.  You can have a subjective experience without having the need to claim that it is the Truth.

To [me] when “I” here someone use the term “it’s my truth”, it sounds more like a defense mechanism, a wall of protection that is used to hide the fact that there is an actual fixation on some deeply held belief, a belief that is somehow out of bounds, somehow sacred, something very personal, and should not be examined or challenged, because “it’s my truth.

[You] can have [your] experience, but it does not have to be true or not true, it can simply just be.  [You] can have [your] experience without needing to imply that it is some absolute truth.  The fact is that what is true now will most likely not be true tomorrow (look to [your] experience to prove this).

Beliefs come and go; they are not truth.  Experiences come and go, they are not truth.  Perceptions, ideas, notions, understandings and insights that come from the mind, will ultimately, come and go, and therefore cannot be Truth.

What is real is true, and what is true does not come and go. 

Run away from the truth.  Better yet, depend upon what does not come and go rather than what appears to be true or not true. 

Beyond the truth or not truth, [you] are…



What do you assume to be true in your life?



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