Insight #80 ~ ZEN Shredding


Every complaint is the source of an un-manifest goal.


Many people think that complaining is just plain negative.  What’s disempowering is to overlook the fact that each and every complaint is also a potential source of happiness, something that wants to be.  Every complaint is a request in disguise, a personal recipe for fast tracking you to greater levels of joy and happiness.

Extended commentary:

Human beings love to complain; better said the mind will always find something that does not meet its expectations.  The mind is also very good in finding reasons to justify why something is not right, OK or perfect.  We can spend our lives trying to improve, fix or change a list of things, many of which will never end; there will always be something to perfect.

There’s nothing the matter with trying to improve, fix or change something for the better, but we can lose ourselves in this process; we can become stuck in this process.  If we drown in the deep end of imperfection, we will experience anxiety and stress, we will experience frustration and discontent.

In the moment of your deepest frustration, in the moment of your deepest longing for something to be different than it is, ask this simple question:

To whom does this complaint arise?

There’s nothing the matter with complaining; as long as you don’t lose yourself in the complaint…



What are your complaints?



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One Response

  1. Well, thank you to welcome my caring “rant”:
    I could do with a fast crash result of the inflationary masses of booming preachers promising individual “wealth worthiness” I have to face daily going through the blogs articles.
    Turbo capitalist resource abuse (mental resources too!) neglect, legitimating reality avoiding can affect &harm humanity surely.

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