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Find what works in your life. 


We often have a tendency to focus on what is not working, which often amplifies and perpetuates it.  By taking the time to look at what you enjoy doing or being and where your inspiration comes from, you can re-focus your attention to what is meaningful and important.

Extended commentary:

There are no pat formulas that determine a successful life.  As much as we seek, grow and stumble through life experience, life’s inherent nature is the experience of expansion and contraction on all levels.

As strategy, what’s effortless is impersonal; what’s personal will appear to be struggle.

When [you] slip into the impersonal, [you’ll] find that life flows with ease and simplicity, [you’ll] find that things always happen spontaneously without any effort on [your] part.  There is no [you] that can make anything happen, but there is always the possibility that things can and will happen without struggle and strife, without effort or intensity on [your] part. 

Placing [your] attention on what works in [your] life will allow [you] to be present with the impersonal, without the interference of mind.  Said another way, when things are working [you] might notice there is a quieting or absence of the personal, when things appear to be not working, the personal is brought to the forefront of [your] experience, inevitably overshadowing [your] awareness.

To be clear; this is not a suggestion to overlook, ignore or deny what is not working, it’s an invitation to see that in any moment the filter of [personal] will determine the degree of suffering and struggle [you] may or may not be experiencing in the moment.  It’s a chance to notice the clues within [your] own experience and life, and how they can lead and guide [you] through your that life. 

Ultimately without judgment, the perception of what’s not working can be just as valuable as noticing what is working.  What can be seen is that something that appeared to be not working, was in fact always working, in spite of the personal judgments we had around THAT moment…


What is working in your life?


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