After Thought #38



The Blade of Brutal Honesty


As life goes, there are a hundred thousand ways to improve the quality of ones existence.  Whether it be relationships or realization, the goals, aspirations and lofty achievements we hold dearest in life can often become seductive, distracting band aides to the simple act of brutal honesty about ones life ~ that at once, can propel our perceived suffering and separation towards a direct perception of inherent wholeness.

Hidden by words like denial, suppression and addiction or even sociably acceptable behaviors such as status and success, one can easily overshadow attitudes and beliefs that could be striped naked of their perceived power by the blade of brutal honesty.

Radical Spirituality and the realization of our inherent wholeness posit no formulas or guarantees; there are no frames of reference for success in relationship or the concept of realization.  Say it how you will, in the end we are left to abandon those deepest attachments to the “mystery” of cosmic conspiracy; successful relationships or realization will happen or not, they are clearly not the determination of a personal “I”.

The act of brutal honesty: about ones life, ones thoughts, ones feelings, ones beliefs, ones circumstance, ones relationship or the absence there of, serves only to trigger the potential of space.  In a moment of authentic expression it is hopped that in the expression of that something, enough space will be allowed for something real to appear.

We are not looking for any so called, psychological truth here; we are not looking for love, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, wisdom or compassion.  We are looking for the blatant expression of what appears to be, so that what has not been ~ can be. 

It is a fact that in the expression and honoring of what appears to be, that the depth of our humanity can then be revealed.  To name the story is to potentially move beyond the story.

Clarity, understanding and insight are the boobee prizes of life.  In the wisdom of awareness the act of brutal honesty to ones self or another can lead to the revelation that the wholeness we so eagerly sought was always present, hidden beneath the troubled waters of a restless mind, caught up in the web of its own making and the emotional turmoil that is so easily woven from the patterns of that mind.

In the naming of that perceived wound; in the act of taking the time to label that feeling, that belief, that notion or “trouble”, what appears to overshadow the peace of the mind or the serenity of the heart, can be removed, we can table what has been, to see what is…

(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

One Response

  1. As I see what is in front of me…I enjoy so much 🙂
    Thank you, Michael
    such wisdom
    Peace to you,

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