After Thought #39 ~ THAT!





Radical Spirituality is not about being more loving or compassionate. 

It’s not about healing yourself or the world that you live in. 

It’s not about finding or losing something; it’s about being aware of what is.


In a moment of great joy or sadness, you can be aware of not only joy or sadness, but also, the One who is aware of that joy or sadness.


Joy and sadness will come and go, the One who witnesses that joy or sadness is always there, regardless of what comes and goes in the phenomenal realm.


As long as we continue to hold onto our ideas of Spirituality we will suffer.


We will be subject to the limits that are contained with those conceptual ideas and what is unbound will appear to become bound by the very ideas believed in, and there will be pain.



Let the moment be as it is. 


Be aware of it.


Be present to it.



Be aware of the One who is in the midst of what is.


The One who is aware of what arises and subsides is the One who is always there. 

You will be there, but you are not that.

Be aware of the portal to THAT.



Everything that is there or not there is not THAT. 

What is there or not there arises in THAT.



You are THAT.



You’ve always been THAT; only what’s there often and for the most part temporarily obscures your vision of THAT.

Nothing can stop you from being THAT, since it’s always there, permanently.


Sometimes people give up on THAT, for what’s there. 

You believe in what’s there and temporarily appear to sacrifice THAT, which is always there.


Ironically in the perception of suffering and pain, THAT is also there. 

In the suffering THAT is consistently there.

In the creativity and joy, THAT is equally there.

In the fear, anger and courage, THAT is there. 

In the thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories, THAT is infinitely there.


In the deepest “FUCK you!” ~ “I LOVE you…

THAT is also soundly and impartially there.


In the confusion, doubt and frustration, THAT is continually there; just as it is, now.


The same THAT perpetually lies in the tyrant and the victim, the saint and sinner; it also lies in the jealousy, the hate and the compassion of every feeling and every thought, proportionately.


THAT appears as the Christian, the Hindu, the Muslim and the Jew.


THAT appears endlessly in the birth and the death, and in the dying and the living.



Both the savior and the junkie, the giver and taker are symptoms of THAT which is perpetually there. 


In your so-called freedom, failure or imagined success, THAT is firmly there.



It is all there in THAT.


Just as now, THAT is unflinchingly there.


In the silence and in the activity, in the form and the formless, in the known and the unknown, THAT is fittingly there.


In the expansion and contraction, the up and the down, the in and the out, THAT is benevolently there.



Are [you] there or are [you] THAT?



Better said; there is no there and there is no THAT.


THAT is there and not there; equally, prior to, and beyond…


(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.




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