After Thought #41



Remembering [YOU] 


Life appears to happen as a series of beginnings, middles and endings.  There appears to be no consistency and no guarantee within these experiences even though [others] might say otherwise. 


The only consistency [we] can ever find in the ebb and flow of life is in fact [YOU]; the one who is having those experiences.  To explain; in the beginning there was no [you], there was only [YOU]; there was just awareness.  Then the imaginary [you] arrived ~ the [you] that [you] imagine [yourself] to be.  In awareness, the [you] that [you] imagine [yourself] to be began to take on a story; a story called [me]. 



The real [YOU] is not the [me], it’s not a story or any thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations, memories or experiences contained within that story. The real [YOU] is the experiencer or the awareness.  Better said, the awareness or the experiencer is the “closest” [you] will ever get to [YOU]. 


The awareness; the one who is having the experience; the one who is observing the experience; is the doorway or portal to [your] true Self.  It’s not the [you] or self [you] imagine [yourself] to be, i.e. the story of [me].  Nor is it the [you] that [you] have been told is [you], it’s just the awareness; it’s just the pure awareness; no more ~ no less. 


This is the real [YOU], the [YOU] of pure awareness prior to the labels, judgments, and fears; prior to the story that has been imagined by [you].  It’s the real [YOU] prior to the thought or feeling of joy; prior to the adventure or pleasure that occurs or does not occur within this experience called life. 


[YOU] are not the [you] of [your] past or future, but the [YOU] that lies in this present moment now.  [YOU] are the One who is aware of this now.  It’s the [YOU] that lies in the background of life as awareness only.  It’s the presence or feeling of existence that has always been there in every moment of life, in the “good” and the “bad”, in the “happy” and the “sad”, in the ugly and the pretty.


Once [we] appear to be [born] or very shortly there-after, [we] begin to imagine that there is a [me]; a real [me] that lies outside or separate from the One Self.  [We] are taught and [we] are told there is a “me”, and a “you”.  [We] are taught that there is an “other”. 


[We] are conditioned through ideas and thoughts, memories and associations, feelings and emotions, that the perception of [me] is real, so real in fact that [we] then appear to get caught in the hypnosis of [our] [own] existence, an existence that appears to be separate and distinct from everything else in so called existence. 


[We] get caught in the web of [our] [own] mind and emotions.  [We] tangle ourselves in the thread of [our] [own] delusion and the perceived delusions of [another].  [We] quarantine [ourselves] in the belief of [our] [own] creation, where there in fact, can be none.  


[We] get caught up in not only the illusion of a projection, but also in the illusion of a [me] that imagines it is looking at and [created] that projection.


As the [me] moves to the foreground of life, [we] lose touch with the purity of that awareness that lies in the background; [we] abandon [our] real Self and place all [our] attention on the foreground of the [me] story.  


Intrinsically [we] know this.  The loneliness, the hunger, and the desire [we] all experience are reflections of this perceived abandonment and the perceived loss of [our] true Self.  Conditioned perceptions and choices become forgetfulness; the education of [a] mind to focus and dwell, to nurture and develop a false self that serves only to veil the existence of a true Self.      


Experiences will always come and go; we will label them “good” or “bad” and “important” or “not so important”, but the real [YOU] will always, innocently, remain the same.  Regardless of the story of [you]; regardless of the conditioning of [you]; the real [YOU] is always available to the One who looks.


When/if [you] bump into this [YOU] ~ the One that is always there and [you] give it [your] attention, everything will change.  For in the finding of this [YOU], [you] become the real [YOU]; [YOU] become the [YOU] that [you] were always meant to be and [you] give up the game of winning and losing.  [YOU] give up the game, and [YOU] see with fresh, new eyes, what was always there; the [YOU] and the [you] have become One.

What could [we] possible do or not do without [YOU]?



here’s to “YOU”


 (c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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