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Notice any urgency, obsession or impulse you may have. 


When you look closely at your own life you’ll notice that much of your behavior is actually driven by unconscious tendency.  Dig a little deeper and those tendencies often reveal hidden fears about who you are or who you might become.  Sometimes, even the conscious tendencies are unconscious.


Extended commentary:

Radical Spirituality is not interested in what [you] think or feel. 

Radical Spirituality is not concerned if [your] thoughts or feelings are positive or negative.

Radical Spirituality is uninspired by any attempt to identify, analyze, label or assess the psycho/emotional content of what [you] call [your] mind, [your] experience or [your] so called heart.


Radical Spirituality asks [you] to consider that [you]; the “real” [you], is not a thought, feeling or emotion ~ whether it be positive or negative.

Radical Spirituality invites [you] to explore the deep end of [your] Being, beyond the superficiality of [your] mind and the so called content of that mind; to look deeply and directly without distraction into the awareness of the one who sees that mind; the one who imagines she thinks, feels, sees, knows or understands mind.


Radical Spirituality asks [you] to be innocently present with what is, regardless of what is.  To notice what is.  To become deeply and directly aware of not only what one sees, but also, become aware of the one who is seeing.

In the presence of THAT awareness, in the stillness of that awareness, in the depth of that emptiness, what can be seen is the apparent neurosis of [our] thinking, being, having and doing.  What can be found is that nothing of real value can ever be lost, absent or wounded in the thinking, being, having or doing.


Radical spirituality is indifferent towards the performance of the “I” in the phenomenal world; success and achievement; suffering and pain are equal sides of the same coin. 

In awareness, these kinds of evaluations, assessments and judgments, have no bearing on Being, they are irrelevant to Being. 

In Being, nothing needs transforming. Nothing needs healing or saving.

What can be seen is that what is of real value cannot be gained or lost.


Notice any urgency, obsession or impulse [you] may have,

and do nothing. 

Notice any thought, feeling, emotion, perception, memory or association [you] appear to have,

and do nothing. 

Notice any intention or desire, belief or fear,

and do nothing.

Notice for the sake of noticing itself, and do nothing.


In the innocence of that pause, in the innocence of that noticing, see if [you] can notice the one who is noticing.

In the innocence of that reflection, see if [you] can be aware of the one who appears to be aware. 

See if [you] can witness the one who is witnessing the urgency, the obsession or the impulse that appears to be arising or subsiding. 

See if [you] can witness the one in which the intention and the desire, the belief or the fear, arises and subsides.


In the quietude of [your] own thinking, feeling, being, having or doing;

Be present.

In the quietude of [your] own suffering or joy, sadness or illation;


In the quietude and innocence of [your] own Being;


In this [freedom] of Being, celebrate the essence of Who You Are.

Nothing more; nothing less.



What areas of your life are dominated by a sense of urgency, obsession or impulse, and what are the underlying fears driving these impulses?



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