After Thought #46


[We] all live in our [own] little sandbox of conventional thinking; a collection and fusion of ideas and beliefs which induce personal and collective suffering.


[We] cannot escape the hynosis of social conditioning through the use of banaide tools like affirmations or posative thinking.


[We] cannot be free from the mind by continuing to placatte it with the puja of furthur thoughts or thinking which inevatably only perpetuates its illigitamate authority.


Each thought that appears to make up a mind must be confronted directly for what it is.  Stripped naked in awareness, each fleeting thought, idea or belief can be seen for what it is: an impulse of wholeness ~ masquerading as an illusion that [we] call mind…


(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


One Response

  1. O,dear… A happy news for you: yes we can make sense in the World,yes we can to be free from the mind, yes we can and we are the Gods,ruling the Universe. It is easy to give up and not to take responsibility for your thoughts.

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