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All life is a projection. 


Once you understand that you have lived your life according to a set of concepts you have about yourself and life, you are free to not only examine the practicality and validity of those concepts, but also, become aware of what exists prior to, during, and after those concepts ~ and that’s where the adventure really begins.  


Extended commentary:  

In spiritual or psychological circles, you’ll often hear someone speak about their own, or another’s projections. Simply stated, a projection implies that a person is filtering [denying] there “own attributes” in the form of ideas, thoughts, feelings, notions, understandings, beliefs, desires or fears about life and reality, and instead, then imagines or projects them onto something or someone else without awareness of the fact. 

In most conventional models it is considered a defense mechanism, i.e. it is easier to hide from those attributes by projecting or throwing those ideas, thoughts, feelings, notions, understandings, beliefs, desires or fears onto someone or something else, rather than become aware of them; presumably because one would be subjected to a greater pain or suffering in doing so. 

Projection is an interesting concept and to some degree can be a useful model and stepping stone that can sometimes provide insight leading to greater levels of subjective freedom.  The invitation of course is to examine and embrace those projected attributes reducing the ripple of chaos they may create for yourself and those who are apparently influenced and affected by those projections. 

Naturally all models and concepts have their limits; [you] will always at some point, bump into the limits of those models and concepts, regardless of the perceived integrity within the tautology of those words, ideas and models. 

Inherently there is [problem] for those who treed the path of Self realization.   If successful, the path of realization reveals to the seeker the fact that all cognition itself is ultimately a projection, based on assumption or conditioning.  Everything we perceive, understand and know is in itself only a selective slice of perceived reality, conditioned through or by an individual’s perception.

[We] could say that the experience of suffering is itself a flag; a warning that we have bumped into the sliver of a self-engendered thinking, a concept that no longer supports us in our well being.  Scratch the surface of suffering and you’ll find a concept.  Dig deeper and you’ll uncover a degree of incongruence and compatibility in a concepts ability to serve your ultimate well-being.

The source and degree of suffering we may experience in life is dependent upon the allegiance we have to self-engendered concepts.  Our addiction and fixation; our need to discover, create or understand those operating concepts with which we live our lives, constantly drags and scatters our attention into self-created chaos and confusion.



The mother of all concepts is the concept “I”; the idea that there is a separate “me” that exists independently from all “other” “me’s”.  Developmental psychology suggests that sometime between the ages of five and twelve months an infant begins to realize through the natural innocence of awareness and process of “development”, that they are in fact “separate” from mother. 

It is suggested that prior to this developmental step or period, the infant has no conceptual understanding or awareness of being separate from the mother and Universe; there is only the experience of unity.

My experience and training as a Rebirther suggests that awareness of this separation event can, and often does occur, at an earlier stage of development [prior to 5 months and not excluding intra uterine period].   

While this developmental step is a natural outcome of what is labeled “individuation”; part of a natural psychological maturation, this realization of separation, is often interpreted as a shock to the consciousness of infant. 

Briefly stated, the infant assumes as a result of this experience, that it has done something wrong to “cause” this separation.  The infant [as an “I”] imagines it is responsible for this physical separation and takes on a primordial false core belief; a non-verbal “personal law” to explain the “why” of this perceived event and assumption that is labeled “separation”:

“I’m unlovable”,

“Life is a struggle”,

“There’s something wrong with me”,

“I cannot trust”

 Etc, etc, etc…

The advent of this natural “physical” separation is the inevitable cognition [assumption, idea, belief], of an “I”; an “I” that is distinct from all other “I’s”; an “I” that is independent and not only separate from its mother, but also, the larger, greater force of the Universe itself; the unspoken assumption being: there is no longer unity. 

From this point forward a story begins to unfold based on assumption.  As the infant matures into the world of form and phenomena, it perceives and experiences a journey based on the original theme of its particular false core belief; one that will filter all further subjective experience through the veil of this original, primordial, false core belief.  This personal law will shape all perception and experience of that “I”. A false core has been created that is based on an illusion. 

Unless challenged, the infant become an adult, and the adult will live its life based on a narrative of separation and distinction; based on the illusion of an assumption and lie.  Unless challenged, life will appear to subjectively unfold according to the theme of said “personal law or false core”.  Everything thought, felt, understood or believed will be filtered through the veil of said “personal law or false core”.



Now, I could go on…  I could continue to provide you with more details, more ideas, more understandings of this particular model ~ but I won’t.  It’s just a story.  The kicker here; what we must understand here; is that everything I have said, however clear or unclear, however true or untrue, is also guised within and as, conceptual thought or understanding.  It’s just an idea, about an idea. 

There is no “Personal Law or False Core”.  There is no shock of realization.  There is no separation or individuation outside of the words, ideas, feelings and language of perceived separation.  While there may be a subjective experience and feeling of separation; there is no separation! 

In awareness, the idea of separation was conceived, and in the womb of awareness the idea of shock, separation, individuation, “I”, “me” and “you” was cultivated. 

Only awareness can unbind what was apparently bound. In the fire of awareness, the myth of separation can be transformed.  It is awareness alone that can pop the spell of thinking and feeling, to once again reveal the unicity that exists as essence at the heart of all creation…   


What would your life look like if you lived without preconceived perceptions?



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