Insight #86 ~ ZEN Shredding…




Sometimes you need to say No. 



Sometimes you need to consciously pass on ‘lessons’ that generate too much fear and anxiety.  By returning to the comfort of the bunny hill you may become aware of something that was missed or needed more practice; a pause becomes a stepping stone of confidence and courage necessary for the next step.


Extended commentary:


We’re so often encouraged to say “YES” in life [ post soon to come : ) ], and in doing so, overlook the value and practice of saying “NO”, which can often provide another level of awareness and insight to our life experience. 

The “no”, is not a suggestion or encouragement of denial towards thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations or memories; the “no” is not expressed as resistance to what is happening; the “no” is an invitation and call to give voice to the unspoken.

So often we navigate our life experience through endless strategies of the mind, including the ideas proposed within this post ~ including the idea of “the No and Yes” of life.  Out of necessity, there is a non-verbal impulse that also needs to be recognized; a recognition and hint that something beyond the cognitive level of our being needs to be expressed. 

“Gut feelings” are often soft and subtle in their appearance, and are initially, easily questioned when it comes down to using them as guidance in one’s life.  More often or not, they are ignored simply because they seem incompatible to conventional thinking and approaches to life; they may appear to compete directly with regards to the day to day strategies and common sense quarter-backing that occurs at the level of the mind that is used to navigate our life experience. 

By acknowledging the “NO”, it is possible to elevate the “YES”; we affirm the intuitive, non-verbal side of our Being.  If there is a feeling one needs to say “NO” to an experience in life, why should we question, asses, evaluate, or justify our choice for “No” at the cognitive level of reasoning?  Saying “NO” to a choice, experience or circumstance in life that may be arising in the moment can be equally as empowering, as saying “YES”. 

In the application of “YES” and “NO”, we can find an ebb and flow; we can tap into a rhythm and expression of our inner world and inner wisdom; wisdom that can direct our life more effectively and efficiently than could ever be possible by a mind that constantly loses itself in the obsessive details of planning and gaoling, we most often engage in, on a day to day basis. 

One does not need to live in a cave, ashram or retreat, to live a life of active dis-passion.  Intuitively engaging an appropriate “No” where needed, allows us to move with effortless ease; moving us forward and in alignment with the currant of “Yes”, and the direction where our inner world and universe, may be taking us…   


  Is there something you need to say No to in your life?



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