After Thought #51


Do not look to the mind for reinforcement or the affirmation of Being; [you] will only be disappointed. 


The mind can only ever provide a temporary and superficial reflection of what permanently exists; of Who You Are.

Better to spend time in silence, where there is a chance to recognize the quietude and wholeness in Being, that surrounds it all.


When the mind is recognized & affirmed as reality, wholeness disappears.

When wholeness is recognized as reality without affirmation, the mind disappears.


When [you] fixate too much on the mind, placating it with ideas, notions & affection; with affirmations of the intellect, [you] lose touch with reality.


When you focus innocently with active dispassion on reality, [you] lose touch with the mind & all nonsense that arises as mind, and perhaps for the first time reality can be seen as it is, without judgment, evaluation, criticism or comparison.


In this moment of revelation, when the mind appears to be silent, what was once divided, is at once undivided and the miracle of existence and nonexistence is simultaniously extinguished and revealed at the same time.



(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.



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