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The [inherent] problem within any practice is that there appears to be a person who is [doing] the practice.

Initially and for the most part, it seems and it is taught, there appears to be someone who is learning, someone who is improving, and someone who is mastering some practice.

Whether it’s the practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, yantra, tantra or prayer, [we] are seduced and deluded into thinking and believing that somebody is doing something.




So-called realization is the awareness that nobody is doing anything; it’s a knowing that nobody has ever done anything.

Most engage practice with the idea that it’s all about getting something, being something, doing something or having something.  It’s a “doing to get” philosophy, and it’s based entirely on narcissistic movement of the mind.

The unspoken intent of any practice is to move beyond the so-called mind; to know the knower; to know that [you] are not the asana, nor are [you] the yogi who seems to be learning, practicing and mastering asana.

[Authentic] practice reveals Who [You] Are; getting something, being something, doing something or having something, becomes more and more irrelevant as the [truth] of reality is unvailed.




So-called practice reveals [you] are not practice, nor are [you] body that appears to be [doing ] so-practice. The illusion of practice and the illusion of a body that does practice becomes more and more transparent until there is a complete collapse and annihilation of all ideas about a body and a practice, and the one who appears to be a body which does a practice.

Awareness that [you] are not practice or body [doing] practice reveals knowing; knowing [you] are not body nor are [you] practice; knowing [you] are in fact much more than [you] could ever possibly imagine; knowing [you] are in fact [Consciousness].

To know [you] are [Consciousness] upon which body & practice appears to appear, brings an inward peace and passionate dispassion towards life. [You] come [home], to Who [You] Are; to a place [you] never left.

Nothing appears to [become] & [do] something, until it realizes it is in fact simultaneously nothing & something; until it realizes it is IT, or not…



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  1. dear and divine….. essence of wisdom…post
    love all..

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