Insight #87 ~ ZEN Shredding…



Courage is not the absence of fear. 


It’s the choice to take action in spite of fear. 

How come the bunny hill seems so small now?


Extended commentary: 


In [my] own life and the life of [others] I am constantly amazed at the degree of “distraction” and “sabotage” that can result from of an unnatural allegiance to [mind] and all impulses or urges that appear to arise within so-called [mind]. 

Our greatest misfortune arises from the fact that we assume [mind] and all that it represents to be legitimate; we accept without question its authenticity and in doing so, expose ourselves to untold legions of suffering. 

Because [mind] can be named, it must be real; because it can be perceived, it must exist; because we identify, it appears to become.  It is said the great sage Sri Ramana Marharshi once responded to a questioners comment that “they were having problems with their [mind]” with a simple but profound response:

“Show me your mind…”

Sometimes the simplest response from one who is mindfully aware, can provide great insight and freedom to some our most debilitating troubles.  One could sit, contemplate, and unravel Ramana’s single statement allowing it to strip with unbridled elegance and precision, an infinite number of conceptual notions about self, Body, and so-called reality, of any and all integrity.  In naked abandon, one might then experience the freedom to simply be. 

How many kingdoms, dogmas, traditions and philosophies have been created or destroyed by simple ideas which came under the guise of [mind]? 

How many dreams and desires, quests or visions have been thwarted, as a result of undue attention, focus and belief, placed upon unspoken ideas and notions from [mind]?

While [brain] can be accepted without much undue accommodation as a physical manifestation of our nervous system and body, the [minds] credibility upon which so much of our perceived reality stands is based significantly on more ambiguous grounds.

We are all conscious and unconscious idolaters.  From birth until death we consort and worship [mind] with lavish, unprecedented endorsement.  With unending doses of ideas and notions, perceptions and associations, concepts and memories, beliefs, understandings and knowledge; with unquestioned obedience and servitude, we are shackled to a misperceived master.  We are left to toll and suffer night and day, as a result of undue diligence and attention.


“Show me your mind”.


Fear like any emotion, is an idea held in mind.  No idea, no fear.  No idea, no [mind].  

Through the art and science of meditation or inquiry, the wisdom tradition of India provides us a delicate framework of [insight] and [understanding] into the [mechanics] of the [mind] and thinking process. 

The essential teachings of Yoga ask us to consider the concept [mind] is not original, nor indeed authentic.  Furthermore, it suggests the formal concept “I” itself is the foundation upon which all other constructs are built.

Successful meditation and enquiry can provide a wiggle space; a window from which to see self and world, in radical new ways.  With the innocence of awareness we have the freedom and opportunity to begin to unravel and examine the threads of allegiance and commitment we’ve made to thoughts and feelings that arise and subside as [mind], that we then assume to be real and true. 

With awareness, it is possible to see beyond the confines of ideas and notions, thoughts and feelings which have bound and tied.  On the cushion of awareness and in the simplicity of silence there is an effortless, infinite, provision of comfort and safety.  With awareness of the already ever-present space that exists before, during and after every thought or feeling, we can begin the process of unraveling the knots and nets that appear to overwhelm, dominate and burden the perception of one’s existence and its authentic Self-expression. 

Indeed, we have been asked to consider that it may even be possible to look directly within and beyond those thoughts and feelings, to experience for [one’s self], the possibility that in the light of seeing there can be an abandonment and dissolution of every idea and every story that presently hosts a false notion of Self and other.  To see those thoughts and feelings were only ever a very seductive mirage to begin with…

Show me your fear?   


What is your greatest fear? 



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