After Thought #53



Monks spend their entire life busy with the business of getting closer to “God”, foregoing the recognition that She is already,


everywhere and everything.


How divinely arrogant and naive it is to imagine that “God” can only be found in the beauty of life. 


She is undeniably already everywhere,

in all things,

 and simultaneously nowhere,



There is no place on Earth that is closer to “God” than where [you] are now. 


She is,

where [you] are,






It’s only the mind enchanted by the spell of co-dependent thinking, and a story called “The Mystery of Life”, that dismisses the inherent Oneness of Twoness.


Piety and chastity are riddled with judgment and mark the delusion of a conditioned mind that has lost itself in distinction.


Sweetness abides in the awareness that Two is always and already,

effortlessly One.


With complete abandon,

 wholeness eternally wraps itself around both the sweet and the sour in life.





 alludes the seeker, 

masquerading itself as everything,



Are [you] ready to step outside the prison of [your] own conditioning?



The Doctrine of One [Book]

 ZEN Shredding ~ The Prequel [Book]

 ZEN ~ Shredding  [Book]

 Soulananda [Book] 

Soulananda [Web site]

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