After Thought #55


Our fall from Grace is the story of becoming. 

It’s the appearance of a “me” in a world that wants to be something, do something, have something or think something.  From the earliest age we are conditioned into believing we need to do something with our life – in order to be. 

Most of us will spend the rest of our lives caught up in the treadmill of this misunderstanding.  Trying to live up to an unrealistic expectation of becoming that will inevitably cause anxiety, stress, and neurosis.  Wrapped up in the ball of success and the notion of finding happiness, we are entrenched in the belief that life is about being bigger, being more, and being better. 

We label it personal growth; we often call it spirituality – but it’s all the same.  It’s a delicious invitation based on the unspoken premise that something is inherently missing or wrong with us – as we are, and therefore needs fixing.  It’s the story of a seeker that needs to do something; it’s a journey of finding something that we actually, always, already are.

It’s seductive because there has to be a doing in order to get – there has to be.  There can be no becoming without action or merit, without work or achievement, without some sort of understanding or knowledge. 

And we have lots of fancy names and fancy philosophies to justify when our becoming fails; we call it Karma and Samsara, we call it genetics and conditioning.  All these notions are used to reinforce the idea that we are somehow incomplete as we are; that in order to be complete – to be whole; we need to understand something or worse yet, accept some idea or someone, in order to find what’s apparently missing.

The greatest of religions have thrived on this neurosis; that in as much as we might try to be good or better, we will forever be subject to some greater authority that weighs toll, on the inferior, subject “me”.  And therapies of this kind or that incubate ideas that we are separate and thus flawed. 

We diligently pop our pills and repeat affirmations; we do our Yantras, Mantras, Mudras and Tantras in order to recondition a body and mind that has already been conditioned.   But what if it fails?  What if it is all an illusion, based on an erroneous idea of lack – a deluding notion of separation lost in a perception and languaging of duality?


What if we already are?


What if we always are?


Can we rest in the simplicity and Art of Being?


No more, no less.


You Are Enough!


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