Insight #89 ~ ZEN Shredding…


Sometimes you need to say Yes to life.

Life is a paradox; sometimes you need to step outside the comfort of the bunny hill to move forward and evolve.



Extended commentary:

All life is change; some of it feels easy – some of it feels very hard.  One thing for sure is that we love to feel like we are in control of that life – always.  When things are going well, it’s easy to say YES to life – as if we even remember!

When things are not so cool; when life does not flow according to our own expectations, “YES” is usually quickly re-placed by a solid NO.  Ironically, regardless of what we do or know – what we think or practice,  no [you] is ever in control.

For many years I was very much player on the “you create your reality” team.  While around for many, many centuries, it jumped from the periphery of alternative teachings into  “consciousness community” around 30 years ago, and then into the mainstream with the advent of teachings like “The Secret” and the “Law of attraction”.

If you are lucky, or if the path you follow in your “becoming” has any integrity,  you will eventually bump into reality.  It will be clearly seen that no [you] has ever had the power to control reality in any form or way.

While this might go against the grain of conventional thinking and the generic, sanitized, egoic teachings that seem to presently saturate 21st  century spirituality, there is a point in awareness where [one] clearly see’s – there is no one there to control – let alone a “someone” who can “intend” a particular reality or outcome that will be made real.

At most, and perhaps more importantly, we are speaking of subjective perception only that can appear to be managed – not reality.  If we are to be completely honest and neuro-biology backs us up; the “you” that you imagine yourself to be arrives in “time” – long after the appearance of reality has arisen.

So it’s only at the level of mind that we can try to affirm or deny what might already be appearing in this present moment now, and if you are on the treadmill of quarter-backing your life – if you imagine yourself to have, and be your mind, then managing the mind is the only opportunity you will ever have to influence, so-called reality.

In the legacy of her radical, ground breaking book, “Why I survive Aids”, Niro Markoff Assistant said: “Healing is accepting Who We Are and saying yes to it – without trying to change anything”.

If there were such a thing as Truth, it would encapsulate the essence of Niro’s profound insight and commentary on life – what is, already is
– or isn’t.  Shall we continue to consume ourselves, placing valuable attention, effort, and solace in trying to micro manage the details of life according to some imagined ideal/mind, or will we at once investigate our imagined control, and ideals with which we attempt to live life, and instead dive into life itself – to remain alert, awake, aware and present to that unfolding life and the presence of Who We Are…


“S o m e t h i n g I s T h e r e . . .” * N E W V I D E O !

S o m e t h i n g . . . ” * N E W B O O K !


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