After Thought #56



After 20+ years of formal meditation practice using a variety of mantra and breath based techniques, an impulse arose to let go of those training wheels; I let go of those wheels, and in that letting go, found what I had been searching for all along.

Undisturbed by the minds idea of what meditation should be, and endless philosophies based on becoming.  Undivided by well intentioned – grade school notions, of what spirituality was supposed to be; I simply – innocently, looked directly into the face of Being.  Naked, undistracted – in absolute vulnerability, I looked directly at the reality of non-experience, and found Soulace in the face of Being.

In loss, there is gain – in gain there is loss.  After losing it all: job, a place to live, close friends – a life; after losing all [my] sophisticated notions of God [me], and Universe – an inch away from the living on the street; I found an authentic [me] that could not be lost and therefore, never be found.


Here by itself behind all emotion.

Here by itself behind belief.

Here by itself behind all knowledge.

Here by itself behind understanding.

Here by itself without any practice.

Always here – already aware…



“S o m e t h i n g   I s   T h e r e . . .” * N E W  V I D E O !

S o m e t h i n g . . . ”   * N E W   B O O K !


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