After Thought #58


Natural Awareness:

A restless mind, is a mind that always seeks.  It’s hungry and desperate for power and control.
It seeks safety and security where there can be none.  It’s driven by impulse, illusion and misperception, that something is inherently missing within experience.

When attention rests – not in the mind, but as awareness itself, it can be seen that nothing is inherently missing at the level of experience.  It can be seen nothing is missing in the simplicity of Being.  When attention rests as awareness, it can be seen clearly there is no need of thought, thinking, or knowledge, to be aware.  It can be seen that there is no need of time, effort, or transformation – to be aware.  It can be seen that there is no need of location, instruction, or mastery to be aware.

As you rest as awareness, it can be seen that there is no need of money, merit, or tenure, to be aware of the fact you are already aware.  It can be seen there is nothing to be gained and nothing to be lost.  When attention rests as awareness, you become aware of the fact there is only awareness; you become aware that there was always, already, awareness; alive and awake, alert and available.  

In restful awareness, where nothing is inherently missing from experience, the restless, grasping of an apparent mind can be seen for what it is.  As awareness it can be seen that there is only Being – present; fully alive, fully awake, fully alert and fully available.  And in the fullness of that Being, it can be seen that there was never any need for Mudra, Mantra, Yantra or Tantra.

In restful, vivid awareness, where nothing can be inherently missing, it can be seen that the restlessness of an apparent mind, can be as it.  [You] can settle into natural awareness, and the simplicity of Being; untouched by thought, unrestricted by emotion, unbound by perception, association, memory, intention, or desire.

When we identify with the restlessness of the mind, we will always imagine something is missing within experience, and in doing so, the unbound will appear to be bound.  As we seek outside awareness, denying what is; wishing for what could be, we miss the obvious.  We instead spend time, effort and energy, seeking and searching for a power and control, safety and security – for an apparent wholeness, that all along, was already, always, there – as awareness.


[You] and [it] are timelessly one. 

[You] and [it] are already, always, eternally, open and empty, quiet and still.

In the absence of something, everything can be found. 

As awareness, there is only presence – that is Being aware.

In natural, restful awareness the mind and all the mind may appear to be, can be – as it is; all the fears, all the confusion, all the conflict, care and control; all the emotions, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, associations, memories and desires, can be as they are.  In natural, spontaneous, restful awareness, the art of Being spontaneously replaces the art of thinking something, having something, being something and doing something.  The thinking, being, having and doing take care of themselves, unrestricted by the neurotic notions and tendencies of a so-called mind, and so-called person.

In restlessness or calm, agitation or stillness, there can be a space and freedom to recognize a state as a state; it can be seen that awareness is not dependent on a state.  As awareness, [you] can settle in the knowing that you are inherently not any state that may appear to arise or subside, sacred or not so sacred, within that so-called mind. 

As you rest in awareness, let awareness recognize the no-state-state, of restful awareness, where you are already, always, fully alive and fully present.  Where you are already, always, open and empty, quiet and still; where you are already, always, radically awake and wildly aware.

Rest as awareness; over and over, again and again, rest as awareness until the idea that something is missing is replaced by the direct experience of knowing that you are already, always, everything.  Rest as awareness, until the idea that something was lost and needs to be gained, is replaced by a natural, simple awareness, that there is only presence – that is Being aware. 

In the freedom of this knowing, it can be seen that [you] can go anywhere, or no where, sanctified by the wholeness, perfection, and divinity of your own seeing and knowing.  When you settles as awareness, it can be seen [you] were already, always, the canvas upon which the completeness of experience, appears to come and go, happen or not happen; where the seer, the seeing, and the seen are already, always, ONE.



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