Born To Be – Aware…


In lucid, natural awareness, [we] stand naked, stripped of
all knowledge and understanding.


Presence is here, Presence that is – Being aware; Presence
is present – Being aware.

Lucid, natural awareness; the first, the last – the only
freedom, a state of effortless, boundless Being, where the simple is sanctified
and always sacred.

In lucid, natural, vivid awareness, [we] stand naked,
stripped of all notion of authorship.

Ideas of doer-ship have no place here.  Here, becoming is extinguished; naturally,
spontaneously, effortlessly replaced by the simplicity of Being.


Where there is Being, there is no need to think
something.  Where there is Being, there
is no need to be something, have something or do something; although thinking,
being, having, and doing may appear flourish or fail.

In the sanctification of seeing and knowing, something is spontaneously
embraced by everything.  Here and now, the
seeing and the knowing are integral, immediate, and direct; without analysis or
calculation, without reason or consideration.

Here, now, is the miracle of awareness; Being – Being aware.  In the effortless simplicity of noticing
awareness – in noticing the One who is aware, you are; Being – Being aware of

Here and now – as awareness, no question, no practice, no
attainment is necessary.  Here and now,
there can be no question of remembering or affirming.  Here and now, no question of intellectual
knowing or understanding stands; in the absence of division, two can be seen as


Now let me be clear; should preference, judgment, or
 consideration appear to arise, then those movements too can be seen for what
they are: movements in consciousness, neither positive nor negative, neither
good nor bad, neither holy nor unholy.  As awareness, all movements are noticed, or

In lucid, natural, vivid awareness, there is only Presence; Presence
– Being aware, fully awake, fully alert, fully aware.  In natural spontaneous awareness, all states
are equally irrelevant.  A state is a
state.  A state – is a state, is a state,
and all states are already, always, reflecting the light of equanimity.

In the space of awareness, all states arise and subside on
the canvass of Being – unconditionally.
They are states, and they arise within a no-state-state of awareness,
that is already, always, open and empty, quiet and still.


In natural, spontaneous awareness, you timeless,
 effortlessly, are; not-self absorbed, but Self aware.

Where you are, there is no choice or judgment, preference or
acceptance.  Where you are, there is already,
always, wholeness; a game of One-ness apparently expressing itself as

Here, the profane and the sacred co-exist
simultaneously.  Here, the psychotic and
the saint can be seen as [two] expressions of the One, unified, reality.

In lucid, natural, vivid awareness, it can be seen that when
we identify ourselves with the phenomena of the particular, we appear to
temporarily lose touch with the universal.
Our ability to be aware of the fact we are aware, is temporarily overshadowed
by the noise of intellectual nonsense; “two-ness” appears to replace

In lucid, natural, vivid awareness, Nothing appears to become
something.  Oneness has temporarily
disguised itself as “two-ness”, eventually, inevitably, always, to once again curve
back into itself.  The appearance of something,
once again becomes Nothing, not self-centered, but Self referral.


Life is already here.

Awareness is always here.

Just for now, be aware that you are.

Here and now, know that you are, all the time.

Here and now – as awareness, where can there be a question
of becoming?

Here and now – as awareness, where can there be a question
of transformation?

Here and now – as awareness, where can there be a question of
healing or wholeness?

As awareness, let attention rest on what is – notice what is;
see the innocence of what is.

Let the fullness of experience – Be, and in Being, Being
reveals Being to itself; easily, effortless, over and over, again and again.


Here, now, every-thing is part of the experience, and part
of the experience is everything – revealed.
All that we hear, all that we smell, all that we touch, all that we taste,
all that we see.

Timelessly, endlessly, awareness is with you, even when you
are not aware.


In lucid, natural, vivid awareness, [we] stand eternally naked,
wrapped in the fragrance of space, time, and persona; stripped of race, creed,
colour, and class; stripped of thought, doctrine, dogma, and philosophy.

The birth of freedom is the acknowledgment and recognition
of awareness.  To remain boldly awake,
alert, and aware of the fact we are aware, to be aware in the everyday
ordinary, to settle into what is.

Here I AM, without ideology.

Here I AM, without culture.

Here I AM, without reference.

Presence is here: I-AM-Ness, squeezing itself through the needles
head of perception.

Never to be reached, never to be cultivated, never to maintained
or achieved.

Awareness is here, now.

Once unnoticed – always accessible; Presence is already, always,
here and now; recognized as awareness – Being aware.

Let attention settle back into itself.

Here and now, Presence is present – Being aware.

Here and now, over and over, again and again.

Not self-conscious, but Self aware.

Lucid, natural, vivid awareness, awake in itself, born to Be
 – aware, Being that is boundlessly aware…


May your day be blessed by the light of [your] illumined Being.



“S o m e t h i n g   I s   T h e r e . . .” * N E W  V I D E O !

S o m e t h i n g . . . ”   * N E W   B O O K !


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