Thought, Thinking, Thinker…



There is no rest in thinking, and peace can never be found in the mind; but there can be rest and there can be peace – outside of thought and thinking, and in spite of the mind.  Outside thought, thinking, and thinker, outside the idea of peace and the idea of freedom, peace and freedom can be found. 

In the West we wrongly ascribe power and authority to thought, thinking, and the so-called thinker – where there is none.  Teachings like the Secret, and the Law of Attraction, only further perpetuate a degree of delusion and suffering by suggesting that thought itself can affect reality – as if what we conventionally label “my experience” – could ever be called reality. 

A thought of peace is not peace, just as a thought of freedom is also – not freedom. 

For an apparent person who is suffering – looking for apparent peace and freedom, “creation” teachings – teachings of becoming, can provide some comfort and hope, but they can also be very superficial and very, very, seductive.  Affirmations, Angle cards, and teddy bears provide a certain amount of psychological comfort, hope and apparent safety in a moment of suffering, but they ultimately do not provide the peace and freedom we so desperately seek from the so-called mind.

We might have some understanding of the mechanics of thinking; we might feel like we have a degree of so-called mastery over thought, thinking, and thinker – however, peace and freedom do not lie within boundaries of thought, thinking, or the thinker.  Authentic peace and freedom can only be found in Self, which lies beyond the boundaries of thought, thinking, and the mind of the so-called thinker.  To find present – Self, in the here/now, is to find the peace and freedom we desire, whereas thought, thinking, and thinker, have nothing to do with spirituality or finding out Who We Are.

If we’re interested in finding out Who We Are, we need to be very clear we don’t create reality.  The “me”  – we imagine our self to be, is a dreamer that is caught up in the delusion of their dream.  First we imagine a dreamer – then we project a dreamer into a dream world – then the drama begins. 

However scripted, however entertaining, however unfolding; however inspiring, courageous or noble; be it a dream of success or a dream of failure, a dream is a dream and as much as the dream may feel like so-called reality, the dream is a delusion, just as the dreamer herself, is also part of the dream.

The thought of freedom is not freedom, and the thought of peace is not peace.  Thought is not going to transform and thinking is not going to transform; for the thought, thinking, and the thinker, have no inherent power to transform. 

We cannot think our way to peace and we cannot think our way to freedom. 

It was never about thought, thinking, or the thinker.  It was never about changing, fixing, correcting, adjusting, or replacing thought or thinking, and it was certainly not about transforming an apparent thinker. 

Thought and thinking will take care of itself.

There is no need to reinforce, fix, change, or transform the fiction of a thinker – if you’re at all interested in finding out Who You Are.  You can practice spirituality, or you can find out Who You Are.  You can spend your time focusing on the practice, or [you] can wake-up to the One who practices.

In passionate detachment to thought, thinking and thinker, there is the space for peace and the space for freedom.  It’s only in detachment to thought, thinking, and thinker that [we] spontaneously find peace, freedom, and Self – in the here/now.  Realization of peace, freedom, and Self, occurs beyond the realm of thought, thinking, and thinker – not inside the maze of its self engendered delusion.

The idea that there is a so-called thinker who can change what is, by applying some formulae or engaging in some process is ludicrous – it’s the height of narcissism.  The belief in a pseudo, separate self, that has volitional control in a world that can never be controlled.  It’s the belief in a self that has the ability to do something, think something, be something, and have something – with a “me in here”, and a world “out there”.

The invitation is not to change what is, but rather Be with what is. 

Peace and freedom are essential elements inherent within Being – not within the capacity of thought, thinking, or thinker.  In the dissolution of thought, thinking, and thinker, [we] find that peace and freedom was already, always present – in the here and now.   We find Self – Being, already always present, apparently veiled by the so-called confusion of thought, thinking, and thinker.

Though – be it any thought, is conditioned; it thrives in the past; there is no “I” in the present – Self. 

It might be a so-called conditioning of the past or a projection of conditioning for the future, which is being applied in the present – but it is still only a thought, and it is still only conditioned.  You cannot condition yourself to Be, because you already, always, are.  You can only Be yourself.  Said differently; the idea that you could somehow lose yourself, or that you need to fix, find, or free yourself, is part of the hypnosis contained within thought, thinking, and thinker. 

Radical transformation lies outside the boundaries of thought, thinking, and thinker – not within it.  Radical transformation lies within the field of awareness that is already, always, open and empty, quiet and still.  In the here/now of awareness, peace and freedom can be found in the midst of what is – already.  When thought, thinking, and thinker, are absent from the foreground of experience, the background of awareness spontaneously provides the peace and freedom in the midst of what is, regardless of the content of what is.

When attention settles in the space of awareness that exists within the here/now, it can be seen that thought, thinking, and thinker, are a phenomenal expression of form.  Trying to change, fix, heal, or transform form – does not reveal the formless – it inherently denies the formless that already, always, exists in form – here and now,  equally without measure. 

If there were such a thing as spirituality, it would exist for the purpose of living in the world; it would be a vehicle to support us in navigating the here/now with dexterity and elegance.  Spirituality that posits an idea based on having more, doing more, and being more, is inherently corrupt, and distracts us from recognizing what is – by instead focusing on what can be.  When [you] can see clearly the fullness of what is, there is no need, want or concern for what can be.

Awareness is the divine equalizer. 

As awareness, there is no attachment to whether a thought is positive or a thought that appears to be so-called negative; all thoughts are equally sacred and utterly powerless – in awareness.  As awareness, it can be seen that thought, thinking, and thinker, cannot add too or subtract from the completeness of Being; thought, thinking, and thinker, dissolve at once, in the space of Being.  It is Being itself that reveals thought, thinking and the so-called thinker, not the other way round.

Why create differences where there are none?

Why distract and diminish yourself, by dualistic disturbances of the mind?

Why amplify the unreal, with unnecessary seeking, when you already have, what you’ve always been seeking?




Notice a thought…

Notice another thought…

Notice the One who is aware of thought.


Notice another thought…

Notice thoughts come and go – on awareness…

Notice thought cannot add too, or subtract from Being – aware…

Notice the experience of Being – is inherently complete with or without, thought, thinking, or thinker…

Notice the experience of Being is inherently complete without the need of any experience.


Notice a thought…

Notice another thought…

Notice the background of awareness in which the thought comes and the thought goes…

Notice most thoughts come and go effortlessly on the canvas of awareness…

Notice some thoughts audition for attention; notice some thoughts appear to capture attention.


Notice thoughts/thinking…

Notice what occurs when your attention is captured by thought and thinking…

Notice that in spite thought and thinking, there is already, always awareness; awareness that is open and empty, quiet and still…

Notice that in spite of thought, thinking, and the so-called thinker, the awareness that is there, is already, always available and accessible – even in the midst of thought, thinking, and thinker…

Notice you appear to lose yourself as attention is captured by thought, thinking, and thinker…


take the time to notice the completeness of present Self – Being, that is always, already present, in the here and now – where the idea of thought, thinking, and the thinker dissolve.



[You] can spend [your] life trying to manage thoughts or abbreviate thinking, or try to transform the so-called thinker; or, [you] can STOP, and let attention rest in the totality of awareness that exists in the here/now. 

You can spend your life caught up in the agenda of thought, thinking, and thinker, or [you] can wake-up to the timeless, causeless Being – the present Self, where the idea of becoming loses its appeal to the natural impulse of awareness that thrives here/now.



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  1. Of course, thought cannot take us towards truth . . . but as long as there exists the illusion that the process of thinking can somehow reveal the truth of my existence, the process of thought and its inherent limitation needs to be exposed – by thinking a little about it! Of course, ultimately there is no way in which I might attain that truth that I might hope to attain – but then that’s the beauty of it. The bliss of ignorance.

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