In The Blink of An Eye…


When a seeker desires freedom from suffering, what they are actually asking for, is to be unchained from the baggage of their conceptual understanding.  Too be clear; suffering is psychological – as pain is physical.  There is no doubt the reduction of so-called suffering in life, would do much in alleviating the terrible pain that exists in our world today.

Suffering and pain exist, because we continue to invest and reinforce in the belief we are separate, individual, persons, with our own reasons for being.  Deep down we know this to be inherently un-true, and tension is amplified by self engendered confusion, judgment, assessment and evaluation, which is placed on the here/now.  We revert to living life from the default of old brain response.  We are simply aware of our ability/inability to fight, flight, freeze and pray, our way through the immediacy of our circumstance.

If we were too instead rely on the capacity of our new brains ability; to become aware of the fact – we are aware, we would instead have the option to engage the power of infinite intelligence to reveal what is already, always true: the bound would appear to be unbound, and [our] world would change in the blink of an eye…


“S o m e t h i n g   I s   T h e r e . . .” * N E W  V I D E O !

S o m e t h i n g . . . ”   * N E W   B O O K !


The Doctrine of One [Book]

ZEN Shredding ~ The Prequel [Book]

ZEN ~ Shredding [Book]

Soulananda [Book]

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