is not what it knows or understands,

it’s not what it hears,


or does.

It’s not what it thinks or does not think,

where it goes or does not go,

what it says,



touches or smells.

Soul has no colour,

no language & no location;

it’s not what it eats or does not eat,

wears or does not wear,

believes or does not believe.



Unmoved & unchanging,

Soul has its home in the here/now of Self.

Above & below,

in the spoken & unspoken,

in the light & the dark,

in the pause between in breath & out breath,

in the silent space between us;

in the seeing,



hearing & tasting – Soul






Soul cannot be known,

but there can be knowing;

here – now,

there can be the wisdom of understanding,

a dispassionate & discriminating passion.

Here – now,

in the apparent having & doing,

there can be seeing.

In the stillness of seeing,

where the time-bound meets the timeless,

where the unmoved orchestrates the moved,

there is love;

a sacred love [we] cannot imagine or understand,

but can only Be


rest in;

this is Soul.






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