Here – Now…


everything is;

nothing Being something – something Being nothing.


there is delight in Being.

With eyes there is seeing,

with ears there is hearing,

with nose & mouth,

fragrance can be smelt, touched, tasted – savored.


the senses are overwhelmed by the fullness of Being.

A divine sweetness pervades all so-called matter: all circumstance – all situations.


Life thrives fully & freely here  & now,

both in the up & the down.


matter & un-matter – don’t matter.


the breath rests deeply in Being;

there’s only experiencing here.


there’s no experience & there’s no experiencer.

Here – now,

the impulse of the beloved is naked & direct,

without interpretation,

without understanding,

without story.



the gravity of silence endlessly – tirelessly,

pulls what is sacred into itself.


can be found in the bosom this awareness.


the beloved endlessly – seamlessly,

weaves the fabric of this life together.

Let attention fall gently on the here/now of Self.

Drink forever the divine nectar of this water,

both the sweet & the sour of this & that.

Let [me] see, hear, touch, taste & smell the divine as it inhabits the everyday;

let [me] abandon all notions of separation and a [me] that wants to be.


I AM not touched by this life and yet,

life touches deeply.

In the seeing, hearing, touching, tasting & the smelling,

the unseen is forever seen.

Here – now,

the knower is known;

this is the Yoga of what is.

In the hear /now of Self,

the unmoved impersonal,


dances with the moved personal.

Every morning [I] wake into this miracle,

it lies not in some burning bush or distant mountain,

nor in the parting of some seas.

The miracle lies in the touch of the hand that guides,

an ear that softly listens,

a nose that smells and a tongue that tastes;

the miracle rests





In Being [you’ll] see there was never any becoming.

In Being [you’ll] see there was already/always completeness in the here/now of Self;

there was never any arriving.

Here – now,

is where [I] stand.

Here – now,

[I] stand forever naked as awareness only.

Here – now,

there is a knowing of [Soul]:

in the hearing,



smelling and seeing;

in the here – now of Self,


I – I






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