Puase & Reflect by Marina Chetner…

In honor of this day, all [innocent] victims, the celebration of life & the creative talents of Marina Chetner!

Marina Chetner

Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.

~ President Barack Obama

9/11 was a tragedy that affected the world. The United States, and many other countries and individuals, were changed after that day.

Walking through the 9/11 Memorial today, September 10, 2012, I felt calm in a space that I’d been fearing to visit ever since it had opened to the public. Fear associated with stepping into the unknown; a place that I imagined would overwhelm with painful emotions.

Instead it’s a beautiful tribute that honours lives lost, as well as the bravery and courage exemplified by those who dedicated their help. The Memorial immortalises human spirit, and is symbolic of NYC’s strength.

This is a series that starts with a ferry ride from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to…

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