You Are Enough!






It matters not if you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jew; you are enough.

Rich or poor, gay or straight; black, yellow, red or white, you are already enough, with or without mudra, mantra, yantra or tantra you’re always enough.

You’ll live your life listening to others tell you “you’re not enough” that “there’s something missing”; live your life knowing there’s nothing missing.

  With or without knowledge or understanding, you are always enough.

  With or without practice, purpose or principle, your essential nature is already/always enough.

Without effort, favor or condition, the beloved sweetly kisses your inherent nature just as you are & that was, is, and will always be, more than enough.






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3 Responses

  1. groovin’ right along, then tripped on “you’re” essential nature… (your)

  2. This is amazing! I am working on a video to help teenage girls with self image. Would you mind if I quoted a piece of this if I gave you credit? 🙂

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