With Quiet Attention…


With quiet attention,

surround yourself with people who are big enough to hold tenderly the birth of any vision you carry for yourself, your life & the world you live in.

  Find purpose, meaning & a posse in life:

surround yourself with people who inspire you, mentors who will lead you, teachers, friends & lovers who will generously & unconditionally, kindle the spark of perfection & divinity that already lies within.

 Choose wisely, experiences that guide you from the deepest level of Soul; risk taking journeys into the immediacy of the unknown & unaffirmable.

Affirm yourself not by thought, thinking, feeling, affirmation, circumstance or conditioning, but instead by an endless, steady listening; a trusting of the inner current & impulse of this present moment now, which is the Ocean of life.

  This is the One life that always thrives in the here/now of Self.

  Consider these notions not for yourself or for others, not for God, King or Country, but because there can be no other; for there to be peace, there can be no other.






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3 Responses

  1. A “posse”? Can you explain?

  2. Posse:

    Originally, a group of people (especially in the Old West) banded together for purposes of law enforcement; Your crew, gang, set, team or group of friends…

    From Urban Dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=posse

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