Rest As The Real



We’re never lost – but [we] appear to abandon;

[we] attempt to give up what’s

true & real,


instead place attention on what’s

untrue & unreal.

With inattention,

[we] attempt to abandon [our] true nature


replace it with ideas, notions,


perceptions of untruth:

false idols like religion, philosophy, conditioning,


so-called spirituality.

[We] attempt to abandon what’s true


instead put faith into concepts


ideas that can only ever represent what’s

true & real;

how can there be trust,

how can there be integrity?

What’s true is always true,

what’s real is always real;

the false attempts to deny what’s true/real


suffering arises.

“Me” no longer trusts;

“me” can never fully trust,

because “me” has no integrity.

 What’s real does not need to be understood,

but there can be a knowing,

where understanding,






Ideas of the divine can

never replace what is already/always

Divine – here/now;


as the real.






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