michael sean symonds

[We] are born with a singular vision;

no one else has the advantage of [our] experience,

knowledge or perception.

In the end though it’s never our own vision,

but the unspoken poetry of an Ocean that speaks;

it’s the voice of eternity that dwells within.


We are stewards of the dream,

a dream that is a momentary glimpse and expression of

the One totality

that’s already/always – here/now.


Who better to live this dream than you?

Who better to contribute a sound bite of expression;

to expedite the ever-present, ever-unfolding, symphony that is life?


Eternity dances here/now;


the divine endlessly takes form of the dream,

the dreamer and the dreaming.

We spend our lives crafting a sense of self consciously and unconsciously,

moment by moment,

day by day,

experience by experience – judgment by judgment.


[You] can be self conscious


[you] can be conscious of Self;

it’s all the same One perception,

that at once results in the appearance of apparent suffering or bliss within the dream.


When the dreamer is no longer in the way of the dream;

when the dreamer, dreaming and dream can be seen as One,

everything is possible.

When [we] are deliberately and consciously aware – where awareness knows itself,

attention somehow enlivens the field of awareness elevating the dreamer, the dreaming and the dream;

the dreamer, the dreaming and the dream are One.

What’s the vision you have for life; who is the One with vision?


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  1. Happy New Year, Michael. Every eternal moment, new.

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