Now Is The Time To Listen



One thing I’ve realized on this so-called journey, is that life is delicate – we are delicate.  We have forgotten how to listen to the impulse of life; better said, we were never taught the skill of listening, the skill of sitting in silence & doing nothing – without expectation, until that “nothing” swallows the thinking, the having, the being & the doing.

Instead, we focus on pretending to be something that we’re not; we focus on the doing & we forget the Being: we force a smile when were sad, we pretend to be excited when we’re actually afraid, we try to be courageous when we’re actually vulnerable, we try to force understanding when there’s confusion.

I’ve learned life appears to be both the Up & the Down – the juxtaposition of so-called opposites: there are periods when life appears to be in the shitter, & there appears to be times when life is expansive, filled with promise, meaning & joy.

In the midst of that Up & that Down, we can quarter back & strategize those moments in a feeble attempt to get out of the ebb & flow of those impulses, or we can simply be present with those impulses, realizing we are not those impulses; with a tender vulnerability the value of listening naturally leads to the art of Being.

There is a time for work & a time for play, there is a time for discipline & a time for rest; there’s also a always a time for a quiet, dispassionate listening, where the impulse of persistence within the work, the play, the discipline & the rest, the sadness & joy, spontaneously appears.

Within rest we always/already have the wisdom of our own awareness to inform us, we have the skill to notice the symptoms of both expansion & contraction – with compassionate detachment.  In silence we can rest in the wisdom of our own awareness – with the thought, feeling & emotion, we can nest in the quietude of our own Being, while also effortlessly accessing & navigating the ebb & flow of those Ups & Downs; the heartbeat of this now.

You see, it’s really always about listening: when we take the time to listen without judgment, expectation or comparison, we can hear what we need to hear, we can hear what we need to have, do or not do.  Without this gentle, attentive listening, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the judgments & expectations of self & others, we lose touch with what is & the wisdom of Self, & instead focus & what should be.

In the quietude of our own Being there can be a nonverbal knowing; a comforting haven in the midst of the confusion & doubt, fear & anxiety.  Now is the time to listen; here in the midst of all experience, not yesterday or tomorrow, we can notice what goes unnoticed.  Here, we can rest in the now-ness of Self and with that ever-present connection we already/always have – as Self; we can navigate the impulse of life with a little more elegance & ease.  There is no effort in Being, but great suffering in trying.






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  1. Lovely, Michael. So true.

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