Soul does not need inspiring. Soul does not need healing, transformation or transcendence, that’s a distortion of [your] mind; it’s “me” stuff.

Teachers suggest [you] need to develop “the witness” when in fact upon examination it can be seen there is no witness or even observer.

[We] imagine a witness/observer/thinker exists because [we] think & talk about it as thought it were real; [we] give attention & life to a deadly trance.

With simple verification it’s seen there is no witness/observer/thinker.

With verification, it’s seen there is no subject/object split – outside of the language/thought – subject/object split.

The fictitious subject/object split, is a reference point that determines & undermines perception; it’s misplaced attention & identification.

The subject/object trance is the birthplace of suffering; it suggests relationship where there is none; it’s the source of all spiritual paths.

As soon as the figment of subject/object split is imagined – trouble begins.

Awareness cradles so-called heaven & so-called hell – but is neither, both & beyond.

Communion lies not in witness, observer or thinker; communion thrives in still point awareness – here/now.

[We’re] all looking for that perfect relationship while ignoring the fact there’s already/always/only a sacred, whole(ly) communion – here/now

In meditation: who is meditating? In confusion: who is confused? In joy/fear/anger/depression: who is joyful, fearful, angry or depressed?

Which witness is witnessing?






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  1. Nice, Michael. Very clear.

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