As someone who has experienced painfully the devastating effects depression brings, I know intimately when you believe you are not loved – you will automatically feel unloved, and when you believe and feel you are unloved and unloveable, it’s impossible to receive or see the love that’s given by another.

We spend our lives


for love,

not realizing


love we seek


the love





What to do?

Rest as awareness and let love itSelf move anything unlike itSelf.

Rest as awareness until ALL ideas about love and anything unlike love evaporate.

Rest as awareness until the ever-present love of the Beloved is all that is known.

Rest as awareness until you see the love of the Beloved is all that you already/always




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2 Responses

  1. True and lovely, Michael. Thank you.

  2. I really think this amazing posting , “Love | ZEN Shredding”,
    very engaging and the blog post was a very good read.
    Thanks for the post-Lemuel

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