Water by michael sean symonds


Water Cover Pic


Water is the perfect metaphor for awareness: with lavish abundance the body of our Earth is covered with various states of waters expression – vital for sustaining life on this planet. Ever-present and effortlessly accessible, awareness too is the common thread of continuity in all; it’s the impulse in which our everyday life thrives and has its Being.

Water constantly orchestrates itself uniquely to environmental circumstance and situation, adapting itself infinitely with effortless ease and profound initiative. Awareness – like water, offers itself relentlessly in the midst of all circumstance; awareness freely, openly and unconditionally, allows us to become aware of awareness, to be immersed completely and perfectly in its gift. Awareness is the One gift that already has been given – without the need of knowledge, understanding or skill.

“Water” is michael sean symonds most recent and foremost self published book. Elegantly designed using a large landscape format, each page of Water is highlighted with selective, awe-inspiring photography and insightful commentaries on the wisdom of inherent awareness. Each word, sentence, and paragraph, plants a seed; each insight, gently re-orientates perception into the impulse of here/now so that we might glimpse the ever-present miracle of awareness itself and all that it has to offer us towards an effortless art of Being.


By michael sean symonds

Enjoy a Video sneak peek of “Water”: http://youtu.be/Wfg6A3yuHc8


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