Water; a new book by michael sean symonds


Water by michael sean symonds 2.


There is no more important task for us to pursue in life than deeper

levels of inspiration, to look directly into the mystery of Being so that it is no longer seen as mystery.

What is essential on this path of discovery is to see as quickly as possible that it is not a path; there is no path to here/now.

What is learned must be unlearned, it’s our ideas about life that need to be investigated, it’s our notions on spirituality that need to be questioned.

A self that seeks is also the same self that finds, for Self is already/always Self – here/now; welcome to here/now – welcome to the yoga of what is.


Where is the love?

It’s in the seeing, for in the seeing the thinking, the being, the having and the doing

are impregnated with the love that is Being – here/now; recognize your existance alone is the only affirmation you need for the sanction of Being.  Being is the basis of thinking and thinking appears to be the basis of so-called doing; in reality there’s only Being:

Being – being – Being.

Be in Being – not in ideas of Being.  Being is the doorway to freedom, in it lies the portal of awareness that at once bridges you to the kiss of well-being.  Nothing really obscures Being, we only imagine something can replace no-thing.  Self is never not Self: Self only

appears to be not self when we stand in “me” based thought, “me” based thinking, and “me” based spirituality.  Self is always Self, even with the thought “not self”.

You cannot find or lose something you already/always are; you cannot be in “unity” or “not unity” because you are unity.  What you imagine is not always what is true – it’s only imagination, and what’s true and real is already/always what is true and real.

We spend our lives questing for love, not realizing the love we seek is the love we already/always are.

What to do?

Rest as awareness and let love itSelf move anything unlike itSelf.

Rest as awareness until ALL ideas about love and anything unlike love evaporate.

Rest as awareness until the ever-present love of the Beloved is all that is known.

Rest as awareness until you see the love of the Beloved is all that you already/always are here/now.





Look inside the book!

Water Cover Pic


Enjoy a sneak peak video of “Water”.




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