Water: Thinking

Water - Thinking, by michael sean symonds


Do you secretly – unknowingly, plant seeds of separation cultivated by thought, thinking and thinker, that seemingly divides the undividable? The soul of humanity does not need transformation; it’s only our thinking that’s inherently perverse. Who You Are is much more than a thought, feeling, emotion, perception, association or memory; you are more than an idea, belief or dogma.

Stripped naked of all ideas, what’s sacred and divine at once unmasks itself in the blue collared ordinary. Stripped naked, each fleeting idea and belief can been seen for what is: an impulse of wholeness, masquerading as an illusion called mind.

If the spell of thinking is broken you can see through the distortion of “I” based thinking, “I” based perception, and “I” based spirituality. It’s the spell of thinking that makes you believe you are important, that you make a difference, that you can make a difference. It’s the spell of consciousness that allows you to imagine self centered problems can be solved by self centered thinking.

Please don’t take this personally but you are not essential, the person you imagine yourself to be is simply not essential. Radical Spirituality requests no allegiance to doctrinal belief, procedure or practice. There is no mind, there’s only awareness appearing to contain so-called mind.

The sacred cannot be found in the neurosis of thought or thinking and to look to the thinker as a way of liberation is delusion. The end of suffering is the end of “I”; just because you appear to be caught in the spell of thinking does not mean you have to break it. A spell is only a spell if you think it’s real; you are what’s real – the spell is not. If you think you need to break the spell, the spell will appear to have power over you, but there is no power, no spell, and there is no you.

Prior to all ideas, thoughts, notions, perceptions, associations, memories, beliefs and teachings of duality or so-called unity: Who Are You? When a so-called mind abstains from extravagant and entertaining ideas of spirituality, the unrecognized might finally be recognized.

Stuck in the quagmire of thought, we think we can think our way out of a trance with teachings and beliefs that arguably maintain the trance. You cannot think your way out of a trance if you don’t know you’re in a trance, you cannot think your way out of a trance if you don’t realize you are acting out of a trance.

Prior to the thought: “I just had a thought” there is a gap – it’s your home. Thought, thinking and thinker, is neither your home nor your identity. Unbounded happiness can never be real until you have freed yourself from the ultimate spell of hypnosis called “me”.





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