When I AM

Buddha 027


When I am, there is always fear, doubt, confusion, expectation & speculation; when I am not, there’s peace here/now.

When I am, life is filled with silent desperation, want, need &

desire; when I’m not, perfection is the silence within.

When I am, life begs for meaning & purpose, destiny & order; when I am not, life is its own meaning, purpose, destiny & order.

When I am, life needs to be understood – there are always

questions about this & that; when I’m not, there’s the wisdom of awareness.

When I am, there’s a need for Gods & Goddesses, karma &

reincarnation, past lives & futures lives; when I’m not, there’s only the divine – here/now.

When I am, dogma, belief, & philosophy, occupy the centre of my attention & the neurosis of a “me” story; when I’m not,

here/now is enough.

When I am, mantra, mudra, yantra & tantra always come first; when I’m not, the sacred IS the wonder of Being here/now.

When I am, there is always separation – a need for salvation,

integration, & transformation; when I am not, ever-present unity resides.

When I am, the unreal appears real, there appears to be choice, preference & distinction; when I’m not, what is – is what matters.

When I am, there’s deferral to external sources & grasping for

understanding; when I’m not, there’s the spontaneous simplicity of

Self referral.





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