Water: Awakening

Water - Awakening, by michael sean symonds lr


What’s real and already here is everything, and everything doesn’t need anything. There is only arrival; it’s a gentle, naked attention communing within the here/now Self. Consciousness is not interested in unity/not unity; it is and you are. Unity is a fictional story created by a “me” that lives in a story called “outside”; it does not exist and neither does the you – you imagine yourself to be.

Abide: To remain; continue; stay; dwell; reside; to continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship etc; last.

Awakening does not occur in thought/thinking; awakening is not an event. Awakening is concurrent with the absence of thought/thinking/thinker. Awakening is concurrent with the here/now Self; it thrives in the gap between thought, thinking, and so-called thinker.

There is a time of so-called ignorance when we appear to ignore the reality of our true existence and Who We Are, and there’s also a time of so-called awakening when we appear to acknowledge/recognize the light of awareness and Who We Are. The time of ignorance and the time of awakening are equally valid: so-called enlightenment is seeing/knowing that it’s all just Being – being – Being.

When you’re awake it’s not necessary to have reasons for Being; Being itself is enough, just as you are already enough. Being awake does not require esoteric understanding, mystical practice or transcendental experiences. Being awake simply means Being present with the here/now Self and what is, not sitting with or fixating on trendy ideas we may momentarily have of Self.

How to dwell?

No conviction or practice is needed, you’re already/always IT. When it’s suggested you find out Who You Are, it doesn’t mean the mastery of Mantra, Mudra, Yantra or Tantra. Finding out Who You Are has nothing to do with the mastery of knowledge, practice, philosophy or lifestyle; it’s not some certification event.

To find out Who You Are is the instantaneous, spontaneous, recognition of what you’re not – here/now. Only a “me” is concerned with something, which distracts you from everything; you’re not something – you’re everything. Instead of reaching for an idea of wholeness/perfection, notice the here/now Self which is already/always whole and perfect.

What’s needed is not what you think is needed. The here/now Self needs nothing – although a thought that something is needed may arise. Nothing is needed by that which is already/always everything. What’s needed is already/always what’s “got”; better said: see what is and let go of false pursuits, false understandings, and false perceptions.

There is no place where consciousness, wholeness or unity, begins or ends; it’s equally everywhere, in everything, it’s inherently un-divide-able. The false constantly breeds the false and we wonder why the world is in such a delicate condition; can you see it?

Dwell in the sweetness of an unspoken story, here/now.





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