Being ~ Here/Now



Is Being here/now dependent upon any prior or future experience?

Is Being here/now dependent upon mantra, mudra, yantra or tantra?

Is Being here/now dependent upon idea, thought, feeling, emotion, notion, association, memory, intention or desire?

Is Being here/now dependent upon practice or belief, experience or philosophy, knowledge or understanding, teaching or perception?


Being here/now:

blind to time – beyond knowledge;

outside circumstance – despite experience;

irrelevant to perception – indifferent to understanding.


Being here/now:

unconcerned with practice – absent of intention;

oblivious to theology – deaf to ideology;

bereft of outcome.


Being here/now:

impartial to intention – indifferent to desire;

heedless of thought – aloof to memory;

dispassionate to feeling.


Naturally mindful,

helplessly responsive,

infinitely creative,

spontaneously sensitive,

unconditionally concerned,

dispassionately involved.

Intrigued with Being/not Being  – beyond Being.


Prior to the knowledge of Being here/now, who is here/now?





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