Remain As You Are


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Prior to [your] idea of a spiritual nature – that’s [your] nature;

remain as you are.

If you are afraid or confused,

remain as [you] already are.

If you are rich or poor,

remain as [you] always are.

If you are happy or sad,

[you] remain as [you] are.

Though [you] may reach,





[you] remain as you already/always are.

Whether [you] be filled with ignorance or wisdom,

piety or irreverence;

whether [you] appear to be winning or losing,

[you] are as [you]

already/always are – here/now.

In the

seeking & finding,

in the

reaching & achieving,

in the

kindness & revulsion,




The unity [you] seek – is the awareness [you] already are – here/now.

There is peace where [you] already are;

rest as you always are.





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