Time is the burden of mind – a fiction upon a fiction.

We carry bits of time – as memories; memories of so-called good & so-called bad [we] then call life.

Life is not time because life is not time-bound. Life is the impulse of timeless – thriving eternally within the appearance of the so-called time-bound, here/now.

But for the burden of so-called time, a time that hides in thoughts of past & future, happy & unhappy, life would be eternally free to simply Be.

Rest in the bosom of awareness that acknowledges both but is neither, both & beyond.

Rest in awareness until the ideas of time, mind, memory & thought, past & future, happy & unhappy – subside.

This is the One Life that always thrives as the here/now Self.

Consider these notions not for yourself or for others, not for God, King or Country – but because there can be no other; for there to be peace – there can be no other.

Abide in awareness until the idea of time, mind and memory, past & future – happy & unhappy, are replaced by the perfection of Being aware – here/now.

RIP John Percy Symonds 1922 – 2013;

love michael

2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of what I guess is your father or uncle. Beautiful piece as a dedication.

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