Intimations On Eternity.

Intimations On Eternity; Bk & Wh Trade Cover michael sean symonds


No one is born into life as a separate body/mind/entity from the Universe – regardless of what you might think or feel, believe or understand. Our notion of duality is learned from the moment we appear to be born: we are erroneously taught to believe we are physical beings, living in a physical universe – separate from everyone and everything.

Nothing could be farther from the Truth. Frankly speaking, the idea of separation permeates all cultures; we are indoctrinated into cults of distinction. Whether that be the colour of our skin, our nationality or a particular tradition, we slice and dice reality into little chunks of division with the thoughts and beliefs we entertain and the gods and goddesses we bow down to.

While the hypnosis of this separation appears to be deep, it is our birthright to re-calibrate this perception, to un-learn what we have so unconsciously learned. Through the simplicity of Awareness itself, we can re-orientate ourselves and our understanding to the essential nature we Are. We never left home – we only appeared to abandon our home, nurtured by the stories we were told and more importantly, by the stories we continue to tell to ourselves.

As Awareness, we are as close to home as we will ever be; home is Where, Who and What We Are. As Awareness, home is here – in the now-ness of ourselves. It is here, in this present moment Awareness that life thrives as the impulse now. It is here – not in time, space or location, where we find wholeness. It is here and now that what we seek is revealed with effortless, benign, understanding.


Intimations On Eternity is michael’s 7th and most recent book and marks a significant crossroads; an epic departure from the traditional progressive path – to a direct, non-dual, way of Being. The invitation of this narrative is simple: it encourages us to look innocently and directly as Awareness, into the face of our own Being, where we are already/always sanctified by the wholeness, perfection and divinity of our own seeing.


Intimations On Eternity is written in prose style and includes 23 pieces exploring the nature of Being with regard to non-dual understandings.  This narrative is available in both 8 X 10 collectors version, with coloured photography and black & white – Trade sizes.


Intimations On Eternity; Collectors  Cover michael sean symonds


Intimations On Eternity:



Intimations On Eternity; Bk & Wh Trade Cover michael sean symonds


Intimations On Eternity:


Trade Version


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