You Are Enough.

You Are Enough. michael sean symonds





[You Are Enough].


Fundamentally, you are inherently enough.

It matters not if you are a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim or a Jew; you are enough.

Rich or poor, gay or straight, black, yellow, red or white, you are already enough.

With or without mantra, mudra, yantra or tantra, you are already enough.

With or without knowledge or understanding, you are always enough.

With or without practice, purpose or principle, your essential nature is already and always enough.

Without effort, favor or condition, the beloved sweetly kisses your inherent nature – just as You Are, and that was, is, and always will be – more than enough.

You will live your life listening to others say “you are not enough,” that “there’s something missing”; live instead in the fullness of life – Knowing there is nothing missing.

THAT which is, does not need to be healed or transformed, fixed or changed.

With or without tenure or merit, accreditation or belief, you are always enough.

THAT which already is, does not need to be earned or learned, practiced or perfected.

With or without philosophy or understanding, principle or purpose, you are always enough.

THAT which always is, does not need to be mastered by that which is not.

With or without prayer, affirmation or sanctification, you are already enough.

THAT which is – is already/always given: given by no one, received by no one, needed by no one.

With or without cannon, creed or code, you are already/always enough.

Great temples and holy places; sacred ceremonies and objects D’arte; all pale in comparison to THAT which already/always – inherently is.

[From Intimations On Eternity]












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