With Quiet Attention.

With Quiet Attention2. michael sean symonds




[With Quiet Attention].

With quiet attention, surround yourself with people who are big enough to hold tenderly the birth of any vision you carry for yourself, your life, and your world.

Find purpose and meaning, passion and posse in life.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, mentors who will lead you, teachers, friends and lovers who will generously and unconditionally kindle the spark of perfection and Divinity that lies within.

Choose wisely experiences that guide you from the deepest level of Soul; risk taking journeys into the immediacy of the unknown, un-affirmable here/now.

Affirm yourself not by thought, feeling, circumstance or conditioning, but instead by endless, steady listening, a trusting of the inner current and impulse called now.

This is the Ocean of life, the One life that thrives as here/now Self.

Consider these notions not for yourself or for others, not for God, King or Country, but because there can be no other: for there to be peace and happiness there can be no other.

[From Intimations On Eternity]










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