Let Seeing Happen.

Let Seeing Happen. michael sean symonds




[Let Seeing Happen].

In the so-called beginning, it might feel like you must visit home over and over, again and again, but one day soon you will wake-up.

One day soon, you will realize you never left home; you will see clearly – IT never left you.

Let hearing happen – without the hearer or the heard.

Rest in tasting and touching, without taster or tasted, toucher or the touched.

Settle into smelling, without a smeller or the smelt.

Abide in Seeing, without a seer or the seen.

Nobody ever hears anything; nothing is ever heard, but there is always ever-present hearing.

Nobody ever tastes the sweetness of honey: there is nothing to be tasted but the sweetness of ever-present tasting.

Nobody ever touches a thing: there is neither toucher nor touched, but there is always the experience of ever-present touching.

Nobody ever smells the fragrance of a flower: a flower cannot be smelt, but there is always the fragrance of ever-present smelling.

Nobody ever see’s anything because there is nothing to be seen, but in life itself there is always infinite, ever-present Seeing.

Where there appears to be sound – there is only hearing.

Where there appears to be taste – there is only tasting.

Where there appears to be texture and smell, there is only touching and smelling.

Where there appears to be sight – there is only ever-present Seeing.

In hearing, there is no heard.

In tasting, no tasted.

In touching and smelling, nothing is ever touched or smelt. In Seeing, there is no seen.

Hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and seeing, happen without need of mediator or mediation – when resting As Awareness.

[From Intimations On Eternity]













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