The Dance Of Eternity.

The Dance Of Eternity. michael sean symonds




[The Dance Of Eternity]

The stars, the moon, the sun, all are but pale reflections compared to Eternity that rests here now in the bosom of Being.

We all sit on the cusp of eternity, secretly harbouring a latent desire to abandon ourselves to the Groove of the One and only Dance.

This body/mind appears to localise in so-called space and time; it appears as a precipitation of Eternity – dancing on the canvas of life – woven by threads of love.

We all see the world through the eyes of innocence and Eternity – even though thought may appear to step in – attempting to retract the inherent innocence We-Are, with notions of “not” and “me”.

The space of eternity is endlessly present and ever at hand, it thrives as our essential nature – the heart of all Being. Eternity dances in the midst of all experience; we are kissed over and over by the love of the Divine as it seamlessly interfaces with all apparent activity and non-activity.

Restful Awareness fosters the memory of Eternity; it reminds you self is already always Self. There is no place Eternity begins or ends; it is the impulse of our very own Being.

The artist – like sage, seeks a taste of Eternity from their work, but they are often wrongly seduced by ideas their work or practice may provide. Knowingly or unknowingly, artist – like sage, appears to struggle; she appears to straddle two worlds – seeking reconciliation within the appearance of form and the dance of unbound eternity. Knowingly or unknowingly, artist – like sage, may miss the fact Eternity IS form and form IS Eternity; there is no question or need of reconciliation.

The artist – like sage, has the (highest) role, to take us on a pathless journey, to evoke within us, a taste of Eternity that at once informs us of the Sacred-One-Self. The artist – like sage, attempts to provoke Eternity into being – even though Being is already/always Being-Being-Being.

Both Sinner and Saint sit on the chairs of Eternity, a single “I” appears to rest at a table – nibbling on the crumbs of infinity; bingeing on entrees of love. An individual only appears to be an individual – from the viewpoint of an individual, separate self. Perception itself – is forever poised on the precipice of Eternity. And though we may appear to spend an eternity seeking truth, all too often, we miss the fact Eternity itself – is doing the seeking.

The pillars of time are time bound; look instead into the timelessness of Eternity – here and now; it is more than enough. Everything appearing on the outside – actually appears on the inside – As-Awareness; there is no “out there” – just Eternity-As-Awareness.

Eternity rests As-The-Awareness of the one who seeks, the one who attempts, the one who apparently fixes, changes, and transforms.

Rest As-Awareness until the memory of eternity returns, to swallow every thought, feeling and perception. Rest As-Awareness – until thought, thinking and thinker melt into oblivion, where the timeless communes with the timebound – already and always.

It is the face of Eternity that needs attention – not the timebound.

[From Intimations On Eternity]












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