michael sean symonds


Alternative educator?  Artist? Author?  Meditation instructor?  S.M.G.W.M?  Who is here to say with clarity & conviction what I AM?

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of bumping into some amazing teachers & mentors; people who have changed me in unspoken ways.  People who have elevated my life experience with hope, meaning, joy and purpose.

Through the use of creativity, teaching, speaking and writing I have enjoyed sharing the gifts I have inherited from others: Roxi Hermson, Leonard Orr, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Wolinsky, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji, Hafiz and Louise Thomson to name a few.  It is the artist, free thinker, poet, advocate and friend, who has inspired this life I call my own.

With image and word, in private practice, one-on-one or group facilitation, and service, that I have touched meaning, purpose and peace; something magical that lies beyond the thinking mind.

It is in so-called work that I have met [my] desire & intention to elevate and ennoble the lives of others.  To point to a direction; to encourage others to see the impulse of life that leads towards an elevated nurturing of our [own] inner wisdom and Soul.

It is through one-on-one indulgence of great cups of coffee and engaged conversation, the experience and expression of creativity, the silence of meditation, or the activity of snowboarding, that I have felt freedom and simplicity, that lies in the Art of Being…


Struggled, survived, surrendered.  Dreamed, played, thrived…


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“Water” ~ the video.
Zenshredding [Blog]
“S o m e t h i n g I s T h e r e . . .”   [Video]
S o m e t h i n g . . . “   [Book]
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7 Responses

  1. I like your site – I like the positive and insightful thoughts. I will have to take some time and read all of your thoughts as there are many.

    My husband is a Canadian and we love BC.


  2. Michael,

    I just read your blog piece about Nothing from Ode Magazine’s website this morning…its timing is perfect.

    Of course, we attract what we resonate with, Im grateful to have read this, an affirmation that doing nothing in a world full of everythings is good for the soul.

    pura vida from the purcell mtns,

  3. I very much enjoy your writing,and have learned much, 🙂
    Thank you,
    Peace to you,

  4. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for all of your wise words and thoughts. Its rare to find people of such clarity of thinking and positive introspection. You’re a truly inspirational soul and the world is lucky to have you.

    Sending you love, peace and happiness,

    Anglesey, UK

  5. Michael, I LOVED your six-word memoir! Brilliant. Your beautiful comment on my post today led me back to your blog. I’m going to add you to my blog roll. Feel free to do the same if you see fit. I look forward to following you! Namaste, Jeannie Page

  6. Michael, we continue to enjoy your beautiful book, Intimations on Eternity. Since our visit, it resides in it’s place of honor in our dining room, on our sideboard in front of a lamp, so we may each turn to a page we want to share. Thank you!–Linda & Ralph

    • 🙂 Thank you!

      There’s nothing like a book that’s been read; each page, wrinkled and worn from steady study and contemplation; not for the disclosure of thought or understanding but the revelation of wholeness – within.

      Happy summer!

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