10 Questions for an Emerging New World…
June 17, 2008



Q.   #1

What aspirations do you have for your life that if pursued, could provide the preamble for more passion, inspiration and transformation in your life and the world you live in?


Q.   #2

Do those dreams, desires, gifts, skills, and talents enhance and elevate the resilience you have too your own inner wisdom and the service you could provide to the one greater Earth community?


Q.   #3

How can the visions and aspirations you have for your life be synchronized in solidarity and kinship with others?


Q.   #4

What changes do you need to make in the way you live your life that if made, could improve the quality of your own well being and the larger living world?


Q.   #5
How can you live your life with greater admiration towards yourself and others?


Q.   #6

What unspoken words and conversations do you need to hear or have to foster a culture of peace in your experience and surroundings?


Q.   #7

What values do you need to enhance or adopt to form a solid foundation and personal sacred trust towards sustaining a new life and new world?


Q.   #8

Recognizing that you are both interdependent and interconnected with all people and things, what three principles are you willing to commit too, affirm and cultivate in your life that will elevate a sustainable, ethical way of being for yourself and the planet you live on?


Q.   #9

How can you live your life with a greater reverence and humility, for the mystery of Being; for gratitude in the gift of life and for humility regarding your place in nature?


Q.   #10

What can you do to elevate the shared responsibility you have in the stewardship of the Earth and humanity towards a just, sustainable and peaceful global society?




The legacy of your life will not be what you have done or gained, but in who you have been while journeying on this little blue planet called Earth.  The courage and risk needed for the success of this rare journey and adventure can only be enhanced once you acknowledge and recognize the only change you ever needed was not outside yourself, but in fact within. 


In the finding, cultivation and practice of innocence, you rediscover the divinity and peace that lies within you and the emergence of a new life and humanity dawns.  The unfolding experience of awareness and inner wisdom is the only true door to the freedom and peace you seek.



(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.





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